Even if you’re a huge fan of winter and love the romantic image of wrapping up in big, fluffy scarves and stylish cold-weather coats, there’s no denying that the peak in winter illness is a bit of a mood-killer. With the cold weather now hitting more profoundly, flu is ready to rear its ugly head at any minute (and it’s time to avoid anyone with a sneeze or cough at all costs). If you travel a lot, whether for business or pleasure, or work around a big bunch of people, your chances of catching flu are significantly higher.

So, let’s see the best ways to ease those troublesome flu symptoms.

Get Plenty of Rest

In most cases, flu will practically floor you and you won’t be able to move anyway. Though a lot of people still stubbornly try and drag themselves out of bed in order to brave work, hating the idea that anything will disrupt their busy schedule. Unfortunately, if you do have the flu, getting rest is paramount in your recovery.

If you still try and move around, you’re only going to make your symptoms worse, so make sure you set up a comfortable spot for yourself with lots of blankets and pillows, and hopefully somebody who can wait on you hand and foot.

Try IV Therapy to Alleviate the Pain

If you’re looking to not only ease flu symptoms, but get rid of it altogether as quickly as possible, IV therapy from resetiv.com could be the solution for you. This IV solution will be prepared with the best nutrients, hydration and medication to make sure that your symptoms are eased as much as possible and see you on a quicker road to recovery.

Get Steamed Up

Creating a makeshift sauna in your bathroom is extremely helpful in tackling flu symptoms. Close your bathroom door tight and run a very hot bath or shower to ensure that the room fills up with enough steam, and spend as long as you’re comfortable in the bathroom to sweat out some of your fever and to relieve some of the congestion you’re feeling.

You can also do something similar by filling up a bowl or bucket with hot water and sitting with your head over the container using a towel to wrap around your head and contain the steam so that it works its magic on your face.

Get the Right Medication

In most cases, you don’t need to visit the doctor for flu unless something is severely wrong or you’ve had the flu for an abnormal amount of time. Over the counter medication is often recommended but be sure to get items specifically tailored for the symptoms you’re feeling the worst.

If you have a painful throat, try cough drops and throat lozenges as well as general flu medication to tackle the pain more, and try strong pain killers for the worst kind of headaches. Always ensure you read the labels and always double check that more than one medication can be taken at once.

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