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How to Make Deer Jerky in a Smoker?

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Are you a foodie? Love smokes grills, bbq, and venison. Looking forward to new recipes? Want to try out jerky dishes and impress your loved ones? Let us discuss how to cook the most tempting jerky, with deer meat in a smoker.


It’s very easy to cook deer jerky in a smoker. You can make it in an electric smoker as well as the gas smoker. Cooking it on smoker adds to the taste, mouth-watering smell at the same time keeping the nutrient value intact.


If you are worried about how will you set the cooking temperature or check if the food is fully smoked and not raw, you can pick any of the required tools from the many available at Smoke Gears.


Smoked Deer Jerky Recipe:

To start with, you must be fully equipped with essential ingredients:

 1 pound of raw meat. You can choose bottom round or flank steak as per your choice.
 2 tablespoon honey.
 1 teaspoon black pepper.
 2 tablespoon garlic powder or paste.
 2 tablespoon onion powder or paste.
 Red pepper flakes as per the taste.
 Half cup soy sauce.
 2 tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce.
 Salt to taste.


Method of Preparation:

Slicing is the important part of cooking deer jerky.

 To obtain a tender jerky, slice the meat along the grain. 
 Keep the slices, really thin. It will help you to cook faster and tastes better.
 If there are any fatty portions, omit them. They are not required.


Once you complete the slicing process, the second step is the preparation of marinade. Here are the directions:

 Except for the venison strips, put all the ingredients in a big bowl.
 Stir and mix them well to get the desired texture of marinade.
 Now, you can put the meat strips in the marinade and coat it well.
 Make sure all the strips are evenly covered, and no portion is left uncovered.



Marination is then followed by refrigeration.


 Cover the bowl and refrigerate it.
 Allow the meat to rest overnight or between 8 to 12 hrs.
 Ideally, this much time is required for the meat to absorb the ingredients properly.
 Now, take out the meat strips and empty off the extra marinade.
 Keep the deer strips on a paper to absorb extra marinade, if any.
 Dry off the meat strips and put them back to the refrigerator for half an hour.



Now, the next step is dehydration. 


 Start your smoker, and let it crank until it reaches 170 degrees Fahrenheit.
 You can easily dehydrate the strips at this temperature. It won’t be burned or fried.
 Smokers are a good cook. As it let you add your desired flavor to food.
 Cherry and apple wood gives a mild sweet taste to bacon flavor.
 Mesquite wood gives a very strong flavor to food. Blend some apple or cherry woods to neutralize the flavor.
 To get the traditional look to your deer jerky, make use of hickory wood.


You can smoke the meat as per your choice of 

ambiance, taste, and smell.

Keep the meat strips on the smoker, once it reaches the desired temperature. Place them carefully so that it does not overlap each other and can be cooked evenly. 

It takes 4 to 6 hours to cook deer jerky properly. 

You can test if it is cooked or not by its color. There should be no more red color of the meat. The strips should not break if you twist and turn them.

Your smoked deer jerky is now ready to eat. Sit and enjoy with your favorite sausages. It makes a great snack to enjoy on a breezy night.

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