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How to organize your Sewing Room

How to organize your Sewing Room

After finishing your sewing project, the sewing room looks so untidy but if you have managed all the things correctly, it wouldn’t look bad. Here is some tips on how to organize your sewing room.

Being organized:

Sewing room organization can be quite challenging. Especially when people have their own creative ideas.

People generally are tired from working all day and hence they don’t get the time to clean up their room and some of us are just too lazy to clean but if you really want a clean sewing room then you have to start by cleaning your room by yourself no matter how tired or lazy you are as it is the only way you can hope to achieve a clean working space in the near possible future and keeping your room clean on a daily basis will help you get better at organizing your stuff which in turn will help you organize your sewing room in a proper and decent way.

Before you get into organizing your sewing room you should reconsider your decision whether you really want to do this or not as this is a huge task and honestly not many people ate capable of it.  

This whole thing will be needing some of your time because this can only be done when you have a lot of spare time at your disposal or have flexible work hours.

During this time you might feel exhausted or bored but you have to hang in there as this will yield amazing results and once you are through with this you will surely love the results. Here are a few tips by which you can achieve a clean an organized sewing room.

Keeping your machines clean:

This might not seem like much but this is probably the most important tip. You need to thoroughly clean your machines and not miss a single spot as that might hinder the performance of the machine.

If you have a floor which is littered with threads and clippings then your machine is probably in the same condition as well. And if you continue without cleaning your machine then it will surely become obsolete very soon.

When you aren’t using your machine you need to keep it covered as that would prevent the dust from settling inside the machine. If you don’t have a cover then you can always sew one up.  

You should definitely oil your mechanical machine. So if you want a clean machine this is basically what you have to do. If you are too busy to clean your machine then you should get it cleaned by a professional but you should most definitely get your machines oiled and cleaned.

This won’t cost much and getting your machines oiled will result in better performance and longevity of the machine which you will most definitely love.

Ample workspace:

The most important thing after cleaning your machines is having a clean and ample workspace. It is impossible to work without a clean and ample workspace especially if you have more than one machine.

You will probably need to buy a big table for this and once you do you should always keep it clean as having an unclean working space will do you no good.

If you are having trouble keeping your workspace clean then you should start by organizing all of your things and keeping all of your tables clear which will help you develop a habit. Having multiple workstations can also help you out if you have more than one sewing machines.

If you do not have enough space then you can always buy a compact sewing machine, they don’t take up much space and they can be easily cleaned as well. You can also carry this machine anywhere you want to.

It is really small and once you are done using it you can store it in almost any place you want to. These machines might be small but they are very durable and sturdy so you don’t have to worry about any wear and tear.

These machines are almost always available so you can buy this machine online or get it from a store near you. Also, it is not very expensive so you don’t really have to worry about this being an issue which will burn a hole in your pocket. Arranging your furniture is also very important.

If you don’t want to buy a sewing Machine table then you can use your computer table or any other table that you might have. If you do this then you will save a lot of money and time. So be sure to arrange your furniture and spend your money only on the things that you might require.

Owning various tools and accessories:

This is probably the most versatile way to organize your sewing space. Pegboards are very useful and if you want to hang all your tools and accessories in a single place then this is the best thing you can get.

You can use this to hang all your tools and thread pools, all you have to do is get pegs of varying sizes and shapes and hang all of your sewing accessories one by one. You can find a pegboard at your local hardware store or you can find it online.

Another way to organize your sewing space is by using rolling carts. These carts move on wheels and you can easily store them away when they are not required. They aren’t too pricey and you can buy them online.

Getting these accessories are not mandatory but they sure help when you don’t have a lot of space in your room. Containers which are designed to keep fishing supplies or other small equipment can be used to store sewing supplies or sewing machine feet and accessories.

You can also use flat drawers and utensil drawers because as it turns out these drawers have enough space to store away all your sewing accessories. Be sure to choose the right tool as buying something which you don’t require is pointless as it will cost money and it will be a waste of space. So get all the tools you need and start organizing your very own sewing room.

Now when you’re much aware of all the necessities that you ought to know in order to keep your sewing machine room clean and tidy then it’s time you take out sometime and get set go.

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