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INSC Glamour Girl! Woman Crush Wednesday

Woman Crush Wednesday! Southern Spice! Q and A with Fitness and Glamour Model/Photographer, Caitlin Wilson!

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Bikinis. Swimsuit. Lingerie. Welcome to Woman Crush Wednesday! INSCMagazine’s new weekly feature that will appear every Wednesday. WCW! will feature some of today’s hottest bikini, swimsuit,Instagram and fitness models in the realm of lifestyle, modeling and entertainment.

Fitness and glamour.

One would think that completely different genres in modeling would go so well together than two completely different visual styles. One genre focuses a lot on being fit, tanned, toned and athletic with sun-kissed legged and thighs, along with projecting a healthy and active lifestyle.

It’s not hard to not notice a perfectly toned and sexy-looking fitness model on Instagram—come on admit it!—that seeming live on our timelines, or scroll throughout the day. There is a reason why fitness models are the most searched and view on IG, because they are every man’s perfect dream of being in shape, sexy and flexible.

Glamour is a whole other animal entirely.

Pick up a Maxim, Playboy or any other men’s lifestyle magazine and you’ll gaze upon some of the sexiest women on Earth sprawled across pages daring you to come get them. Looking and posing seductively in various forms of lingerie and other forms of intimates, glamour modeling is gradually growing into the most popular form of modeling both online and within the modelling industry.

There is just something so hot and sexy about a dolled-up woman in lingerie–who also looks sexy in sports wear, isn’t it? One such woman who is turning heads in doing both is Destin, Florida model and photographer, Caitlin Wilson.

Wilson, a sultry dark-haired stunner from the Deep South, brings new meaning to the term, Southern Spice. Thanks to a set of alluring dark brown eyes, stunningly toned 5’1 figure and well-toned legs, Caitlin is as hot as a Florida summer day.

When she is not burning things up doing fitness and glamour modeling, Wilson can be found behind the camera as a photographer and caring for our four-legged friends in working in animal shelters. Back in the modeling game after taking some time off, the die-hard and unapologeticly proud Alabama Crimson Tide babe is BACK! and better than ever.

Below is my Q and A with Caitlin, as we catch up after three years from her last interview with us here at INSC, modeling, photography, fitness, black lace, back muscles and that game. Sports care not included!


Name: Caitlin Wilson

Age: 24

Height: 5’2

Birthplace: Dothan, AL

Measurements: 32.5-26-35

Social Media Links: Instagram: @msbeastcoast


Happy Woman Crush Wednesday, how’s things? 6 months ago, things changed me. I’m back better than ever! <3

Define “Woman Crush Wednesday” what does it mean to you? To me, it means I made a positive influence and I have the opportunity to reach out to more individuals!

How excited are you in being a WCW for us here at INSCMagazine? I’m stoked! I really enjoy supporting other women so any opportunity that presents itself to be able to reach out to more people, I feel grateful for that.

How was your new Years? I was in Destin at Baytown Wharf. I had a blast and one too many drinks 😉

Any fitness and personal resolutions? I currently weigh 112, I would like to weigh 125 in muscle weight.

It’s been a minute, what’s new and exciting for you? I am attending a workshop in Chicago in March with Chris Keeling and I couldn’t be more excited to learn new things. I’ve been doing more photo shoots and really trying to stay focused on building my modeling career.

You know we got to address the—pardon the pun—elephant in the room, but what happened to ‘Bama? I rarely drink, so luckily I was drunk pretty fast by 8:30. I think we had a great season and we just didn’t play our best in the national championship.

Thoughts on Hurts transferring to Oklahoma? So my dad is an Oklahoma fan. But not just any Oklahoma fan….. he’s the kind that hates Alabama. So I really kind of enjoy it!!! I can’t wait to play them next year!

Do you think Tua will bounce back in ‘19? I think Tua gained an immense amount of knowledge this year. Next year, he knows what to expect and will be unstoppable.

It’s been a minute, how has the fitness modeling been going? I have had so many people ask me to train them. Unfortunately, I’m not a trainer and recommend someone who knows the ins and outs for every body type. I know my body type and what works for me. The gym for me is therapeutic. Being able to showcase my hard work brings me so much joy.

Your new work has been great, what made you expand into fitness? As a child, I played on 5 softball teams at once which then led straight into basketball season. I never had a lot of “playtime” in my childhood. I was always at practices, games, and tournaments. During my “playtime” my best friend and I would skate. I have always been outdoors and your ultimate tomboy. I was literally born into this lifestyle. I had abs when I was 7!

When I last interviewed you, you were doing glamour and lingerie, now you’re doing fitness, what brought that on? Your fitness work is straight up hot! I have worked out with weights since I was 7 years old. Last interview, I had just had my baby. He is now 3 years old. With having more time in the gym since having him, I feel more confident in photographing fitness.

As a model and photographer, what’s it like being from of he camera as one and behind it as another? Being a photographer first, I know how to pose people which ultimately helps me pose myself. I remember all of the things I tell my clients and keep those tips in mind when posing myself.

As someone who is getting into digital sports and glamour photography, what cameras do you like and recommend? I personally own a Nikon D810 and would recommend it to anyone because I absolutely love my camera. Now that Nikon just released their new mirrorless cameras…. I. Am. Investing.

Model, mother or photographer? What defines you the most and how do you juggle all three? I am a mother before I am anything else. However, in order to support my son, modeling and photography are paying the bills. I’m very fortunate to be able to make my own schedule with both modeling and photography.

With winter now here, what fashion and fitness tips and trends do you have for looking good and staying in shape? Black Leggings. Did I say black leggings. Adidas is all I wear anymore. I love that it’s cold specifically to wear black leggings and show off the booty I’ve been working so hard on! 😉 With a bad knee, it’s hard for me to do heavy squats. I enjoy leg press for heavy weights. Winter is the perfect time to get your bikini body.

Any plans for 2019? I have never been so excited for a new year. 2018 was extremely toxic. This year, I’m focusing on myself. Getting better in every aspect of my life. Self love and growth. This is my year of growth.

Thoughts on the rise in popularity of fitness models and modeling on Instagram? I LOVE IT. Many don’t understand. Close minded people criticize us. To me, I see confidence. Straight confidence.

Pumpkin spice, Salted Caramel or Peppermint Mocha? Caramel is my all time favorite. Extra shot, please!

G-string, thong, frenchies or commando, which do you prefer? We were born in our birthday suits, right? I do like a sexy black thong. Black is just my color!

What would you say is your best feature? My best feature is my jawline, my eyes. I’m Native American. It’s the first thing people notice.

What makes you feel sexy? I love dressing up and doing my makeup for photo shoots. Letting my legs show with messy hair. That’s what is sexy to me.

What exudes sexiness? For photos, being confident in what you’re doing. Having fun with it. Knowing who you are and taking ZERO negativity.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, what advice would you give to men hoping to spice things up in the bedroom? Dom Perignon, chocolate covered strawberries, candles, warm bath, MASSAGE OIL! You’re welcome. 🙂

Sexiest piece of lingerie you own—or would recommend for a man to get his woman this holiday season? Again… black. Lace. I don’t like to show too much if I’m trying to look sexy. Black lace bodysuit 🙂

Best/worst pickup line you’ve heard? I can’t make this up,

“I would crawl through a stack of needles just to hear you fart through a walkietalkie.” What? Leave me alone! Pick up lines aren’t attractive to me.

What attracts you most to a man? Jawlines…and back muscles. But did I say jaw lines?

What is THE one hot fashion item that you must have/or get this season? I am definitely going to be investing in more competition bikinis.

Athleisure? Fashion or fitness fad? Athleisure. You’ll definitely see me in comfy yet sexy clothes more than you will see me in anything else. Be comfy.

Any plans for this coming spring? I’m just trying to plan as many shoots as possible!

What is one area that most people overlook—but should—pay attention to more in getting in shape? Back muscles and triceps. Often times, I myself forget to work these muscles out.

What is your meal plan and prep? I hate to say this, but I eat so much bad food. I don’t have a diet or meal plan. I’m trying to gain weight and build muscle.

Fave music? I like a little bit of everything. From Kane Brown to Kevin Gates. Cardi B always puts me in a great mood, though!

Sports: Aside from Alabama, Any favorite teams, clubs and players? There’s someone more important than Alabama?

You know we got your boy, Young Bull, Collin Sexton up here on the Cavs. Have you seen him play yet? If so what are your thoughts? Yeah, I only watch Alabama football.

What advice would you give to women aspiring to get into photography and/or modeling? Through modeling, prepare to lose friends. But also prepare to gain the most supportive women you’ve ever met in your life also. Not everyone will understand why you have chosen to model or why you enjoy it.

The only advice I have in that aspect is to allow yourself to understand that not everyone deserves to understand the real you. Who you are on the inside. Closed minded people don’t deserve that much of you. Let them criticize who they think you are. Something that you enjoy and love is nobody else’s concern or question.

Happy Woman Crush Wednesday!

Special thanks to Ms. Caitlin Wilson for her assistance during this WCW! Q and A feature Email us at inscglamourgirl@theinscribermag.com if you feel that you have the look of being our next Woman Crush Wednesday.

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