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How To Pack Your Luggage For International Trip?

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While planning for your international trip, packing seems a quite simple task. But in reality, it usually becomes the most confusing and complicated task for most of the people.

Thus, it is very important to follow a strategic approach to pack your luggage in an entirely accurate manner. You have to make sure that you carry all the essential items while avoiding the excess overweight baggage fees.

How To Pack Your Luggage For International Trip
The choice of your suitcase also plays a very important role in packing your luggage in a proper manner. After packing your luggage you must consider the best luggage shipping services or luggage storage services near you so that you do not need to worry about your luggage after reaching your destination and when your luggage is submitted to some luggage storage company, you can explore the new locations freely.

Here are some of the best ways to pack your luggage for an international trip in a better way.

  1.    Choose Hard-Sided Suitcases

It is very natural and obvious that you will put more things in your suitcase if it contains more space. This simply means choosing a big suitcase will make you to add extra and unnecessary things that you might not really need in your trip.

Thus, it is best to choose a medium-sized bag with hard-sides or hard shell. In hard suitcases, you simply cannot put excess things because they do not change their shape.

On the other hand, in soft suitcases and bags, you can easily fit more and more extra clothes and other items as they change their shape according to the material quantity.

  1.    Do the Clothing Countdown

It is not always necessary that you carry a huge number of clothes, accessories, and other essentials at your trip. You can easily and comfortably enjoy your trip by repeating the same clothes.

Just make sure that you do not carry more than five pairs of socks, shirts and pants in your bag. Plus, only two pairs of shoes will perfectly do the work for you. And throw in your swimsuits or gym outfits if really necessary.

  1.    Use the Bundle Technique

Instead of spreading your clothes in the longer form, you should try the bundle technique. In this technique, you simply roll your clothes to minimize wrinkles and maximize space in your bag.

Another great technique you can apply is the use of packaging rolls that can compact your clothes and thus saves you a lot of space in your bag. You can also save your bag space by simply putting socks in your shoes. Similarly, try to put other small items in other containers or small bags that you carry in your suitcase.

  1.    Keep Essential things at the Top

The main essential things that you might need to use at any point of time should be placed at the top of your bag. These things could be all types of bathing products such as hand wash, toothbrush, napkins, and more.


To make sure the maximum protection of your luggage during international travel, you should get the best luggage shipping services from a well-recognized platform.

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