How to Pass Time

Being stuck indoors can be very boring. But sometimes, for your own and the community’s safety, we have to stay inside.  Many are so used to being out of the house, doing things, that the thought of staying in is unacceptable. One of the best things that you could possibly do is check out games like Fortnite Play with Pro. You will play with top level players in the game and be engaged. Today I saw a picture on Facebook that depicted different types of people who were stuck indoors. One who just slept through the day, one was restless, one picked a new hobby and the last had no change as he was always indoors! If you are restless or just feel no energy, then you should try something like Fortnite Pro players, who have mastered the game by analysis, study and lots of playing. These games keep players busy and involved, even when you are stuck at home and thinking about how to pass time alone.

So, what can we do to stay indoors and how to pass time?

Indulge in new hobbies

Find a hobby, task or craft that you think you will like. For example, if you like creating things like me and are, sort of, ok in art, then you could follow tutorials online and create good art pieces. Don’t try to forcefully do things, you know you won’t like. Instead, choose something that appeals to you. If you are not into art, but into IT, then think about developing solutions in your spare time. Who knows maybe one day you could sell it and make money. These are a few examples of things you could possibly do while indoors, but what you actually choose to do could be anything.

Play video games

There are plenty of online video games that give you a taste of virtual reality. These games can be accessed through platforms such as – macOS, Windows, Xbox One, IOS, Android, Nintendo and PlayStation. PUBG, Destiny and Fortnite are some of the games that you can access online. These battle, shooter and survival games will get your adrenalin running and keep you entertained. Each of these games require planning, management and schemes for the players to survive in the game.Some people have become Fortnite Pro players and you can learn from them too. If you feel frustrated that you aren’t able to advance in the game, then there are options. Search for Fortnite Pro coaching online and you will find players who can teach how to play and win the game. Even if you are in your house in real life, at least virtually you are out and about, saving the world or battling enemy forces.

Get fit

Being at home doesn’t mean becoming a couch potato and sleeping the day off. Gyms could be closed and venturing outside during lockdowns can limit physical movement. However, that must not stop you from performing basic exercises. There are aerobic and anaerobic exercises that we can do. Anaerobic exercises help use loose weight even after we have stopped physical activity. So, weightlifting, exercises for specific body parts like those done for strengthening the core are ones which can put you into shape. Basic workouts, without gym equipment, are available online and can be followed easily.

Declutter and arrange

If you have been procrastinating for long, then now is the time to declutter and reorganize. I know some people who cleaned and reorganized their pantry so they could get a few more essentials to stock up properly. Now is the time to look and decide what you need and don’t need, donate what’s not needed and get the space back in your cupboards. Cleaning is a great way to pass time when you are at home and finding those documents that you have been searching for, for ages.

The important thing is to not overthink and keep doing normal things around the house. It is ok to sit and watch TV for a while but making it a constant habit, day in and day out can cause boredom. Video games are excellent ways to get through the day and so are hobbies. As mentioned above, you could learn or provide Fortnite Pro coaching while playing games online. For people who have always spent the day outside the house for most of the day, staying can be hard initially. But with a little bit of creativity and effort, you can get out of the funk and enjoy your time at home.

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