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Ms. X : Can the Size Of The Penis Turn On or Turn Off a Woman?

Getting turned on or arousal is a very important thing for women. If women aren’t turned on, then the sex will not be pleasurable for them. Arousal is crucial as it creates lubrication in the vagina. A lubricated vagina facilitates the movement of the penis inside. If there is no lubrication or less of it, then there will be friction, making intercourse unpleasant for the woman. So, turning on is important.

Now the next question would be, can penis size turn on or turn off a woman? And then, is the penis size that important in a woman’s pleasure? We will address these two questions separately.

How can a woman be turned on?

As per my experience with men, I can safely say that I get turned on by a lot of factors. The penis size could be one factor, but it isn’t the only one. There are other ways and acts to slowly build up arousal.

Sext – Imagine receiving dirty hot messages while you are at your office desk. It will immediately relieve all stress and make you feel desired. Sexting can be used to create anticipation for an exciting evening ahead. Anticipation can lead to arousal. Once you get home and see your sexy man waiting, then there is no stopping you. Sex or dirty talk is a good way to ensure that the woman is in the mood.

First contact – The first contact when you, as a couple, are in the mood for sex is important. Making a woman feel loved, comfortable and desired is a good way to start. So, hold hands, place sweet kisses on the cheeks and then lips to build desire. These are small steps to ensure that the woman feels turned on.

Thrills – Some women love thrills and they turn them on. For example, I am into exhibitionism. A makeout session in the corner of an ATM or a groping and kissing in a park behind the bushes, totally turns me on. However, I am not advising the same deeds, but you get the drift. Thrilling experiences do matter in arousal.

Watch list – Watching a sexy movie together while lying in bed can get you into the mood. Light caresses as you watch a sex scene can arouse the woman. Some women like watching BDSM videos and some like other kinds, both can arouse the woman as she fantasises about it.It puts sexy thoughts into the woman’s mind, and she will feel aroused.

Penis size and impact

Now coming to the penis size. Of course, penis size is something that all woman watch out for and may compare. But does it matter in her arousal? Maybe not. Arousal can begin much before you both lose the clothing.

But penis size may affect a woman’s pleasure during sex. Women “perceive” that a small penis may not help them achieve pleasure. And feel that a longer or thicker one can give them more pleasure. But is it true? A study found that around 84% of women in a relationship were sexually satisfied with their partner’s size. However, around 55% of men in relationships weren’t satisfied with it.

If we look at facts, then we may note that most women can be pleasured and aroused through their clitoris and g-spots.The clitoris is easily stimulated by hand, tongue and the penis. A small penis can also arouse the g-spot along with the fingers.

If you watch porn you will know that a lot of build-ups happens without the penis. The man plays with the woman’s nipples, bites them and sucks on them. He even plays with her clit and fingers her vagina as she shivers and moans. This clearly tells us that penis size isn’t super important for sexual satisfaction and definitely not for arousal. So, good sex do not only depend on size of the penis to turn on or turn off a woman on the bed but it includes all other factors as well.

It has been noted that men, more than women, think about their size and keep wondering if they satisfy women or not.

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