Due to the pandemic, many customers are hoping to have as little contact with people they do not know as possible. This includes couriers. Whether it’s for a business or delivery service to a home, courier companies need to offer zero contact service. This includes picking up and dropping off the packages.

Fortunately, technology has helped to make it easy to allow for these types of deliveries of packages, letters, and more. However, you need to be sure that you implement the right strategies to make sure it works well for you.

Good Communication

For starters, the couriers you will be using need to be good at communicating. They will need to communicate with you and with customers who are receiving deliveries, and this may look different from the types of communication from a couple of years ago. Much of it will be done online or over the phone to eliminate any face-to-face contact. The courier needs to be prompt and they need to be capable of understanding all the instructions provided to them.

Pickup and Dropoff Locations

To make zero contact with the couriers easier, it is important that you have designated locations for picking up packages and letters, and that the recipients have a location where those materials can be dropped for them. Naturally, the locations will vary based on the clients that are receiving the items. Again, good communication is essential in these cases.

The delivery instructions need to be followed to the letter. In some cases, it may be a good idea to see if the couriers can provide photo documentation that they have dropped off the items in the predetermined spot. This is an option that many food delivery companies have been using over the course of the last year, and it can work for just about anything that is being delivered.

When choosing a company that offers courier services, check to see what options they have for zero contact pickup and delivery. Additionally, you want to be sure they are a reputable courier company with quality couriers and reliable service.



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