Purchasing a home can be a wonder, and most people do not know how to go through this process. Many people do not know where to start. However, following these guidelines before coming to a decision can save us time, cash and ensure that our investment is safe. If you’re looking to buy a newly constructed home or an older home Property for sale in Istanbul, these pointers can assist you in making the best decision possible.

Obtain a Down Payment

Financial assets typically require a greater down payment and also have far more severe approval criteria than owner-occupied residences. The 4% down payment you made on your present home will not fit an initial investment. Because mortgage interest is not available on investment homes, you’ll need at minimum a 21% down payment. A down payment could be possible with bank finance, such as with a home loan.


Always do your homework before buying not only a house but anything. There will never be enough investigation. Many people rush into the real estate market unprepared, and this is when they make poor decisions. If you’re after a home, learn more about the neighborhood; learn regarding the neighborhood criminal activity and how much nearby properties have ended up selling for. Discover almost everything there is to know. There seem to be a wealth of services that will provide you with all of these facts for free.

Make long-term plans.

If you’re a first-time purchaser, you may simply like to get the feet on the satisfying area leave the rest of things on fate. However, most individuals end up staying in their residences for a long time, and this must be taken into account. If you do not purchase a property that you find as a future-proofed property, you may find yourself moving more often, which is quite costly.

  • Make sure you get a home you’ll be able to settle into. As individuals, get older they prefer to have more room.
  • Will you have adequate bedrooms as well as a lawn when you plan to have children or more children? If you don’t have children, staying in the upper portion may not be a problem, although, with a baby pram, it can be a real challenge.
  • Consider any conversions and improvements you might want to perform to the house; you must not pressurize yourself to do everything at once.
  • Is it possible to construct in a balcony or some other unused space?

Locate the Ideal Location

The final issue you will prefer would be to get trapped with an investment home in a deteriorating neighborhood rather than one that is steady or growing. A town or location with a booming population as well as a redevelopment project in the works could be a good place to invest. Search for an area that demands less property taxes, a good board of education, as well as plenty of facilities, such as playgrounds, malls, cafes, and movie theatres, while looking for a property. Furthermore, a low-crime neighborhood with public transit and an expanding job sector may attract a wider pool of possible landlords.

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