Too busy with your day-to-day schedule and got no time to clean your home? The top reason for people hiring professional cleaning services is lack of time!

Who would want to slog away with mops and brushes when you could just ring up a domestic cleaning Melbourne service? Domestic cleaning companies come well-equipped with a wide range of services- from professional window cleaning services to steam cleaning.

However, choosing cleaning experts that perfectly suit your needs can be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time calling for cleaning help! Knowing exactly what to look for can make your job an easier one. Here’s a list of things to look out for before you hire professional domestic cleaners:

1.  Get referrals from friends and neighbours

An excellent way of going about the process of finding good professional cleaners is to simply ask! This will allow you to get an idea about the general price point for different services offered. You will get a firsthand account of the experience of hiring them. It will also give you an insight into things to expect.

2.  Go on the internet

The internet is the best place to get information from. Type in the name of any cleaning company and read the reviews written by people who had hired them. Try to look for companies with both good and bad reviews (and choose one with more on the better side). A company with only good reviews that seem too good to be true might be paid ‘reviews.’

3.  Talk to the company

Once you have shortlisted a few companies, begin talking to them individually. Ask them any questions or doubts that come to your mind. You could also ask them if they offer a sample cleaning in a small space. This will give you an idea of their standards, level of professionalism, and also how much effort is put into customer care. It will also increase their level of understanding about your cleaning needs if you hire them in the future.

4.  Check their cleaning supplies and machines

A company offering high-quality domestic cleaning Melbourne services will always have ‘clean as new’, non-rusty equipment, and a variety of cleaning supplies to suit different surfaces. Before hiring professional cleaners, some good questions to ask are, “Do you use different tools for wood, glass and, walls?” “How effective is your equipment at removing the toughest of grime?” A good cleaning service company will also provide its employees with protective gear and goggles.

5.  Choose quality, not quantity

Be wary of any companies offering prices that are too good to be true! More often than not, cheap services come cheap for a reason. This is because of poor quality work and equipment and untrained workers who prove to be more harmful than of help.

6.  Make sure their workers are full-time employees

A company invested in providing the best services will always keep their workers as full-time employees. In comparison to contract employees, full-time employees are better trained and can do a more reliable job. A company ultimately invests more money into its full-time employees, getting them proper training and benefits, making the employees accountable to the company.

7.  What sort of compensation do they offer?

In case of any damage to property that might happen accidentally, how do they plan on compensating? If the cleaning services are not up to the mark, then how do they make up for it? These questions need to be asked beforehand to ensure that you don’t face any losses and have a satisfying experience with the cleaning agency.

8.  Look at packages and flexibility

Most companies offer cleaning packages which are usually a cheaper alternative to hiring various cleaners separately. Instead of paying professional window cleaning service providers, gutter cleaners, and vehicle upholstery cleaners separately, you could just ask for a deal with all these things included.

9.  Other details to look out for

One of the few things that should be done before choosing professional cleaners is to find out the cancellation fee. Cleaners offering cheap prices might turn out to be overly expensive when cancelled.

Another thing that indicates the quality of work is how long the company has been around. Any affiliations or awards that the cleaners may have received act as a testament to their quality of work.

Overthinking can lead to confusion. Trust your gut feeling and ask for professional domestic cleaning help when you need it!

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