Selling tickets on Stubhub can be an easy task, or a difficult one depending on your situation. To decide whether or not selling tickets through Stubhub will be quick for you, we have listed out a few of the ticket traits that make it easier for you to sell your tickets. So, here is how to sell tickets on Stubhub quickly.

Sell Tickets For A Big Event

If your tickets are for a small, local event, chances are that Stubhub does not have that event already created within their system. They might so check just in case, but it is unlikely. If the event doesn’t already exist within the system, you will have to create it by filling out a form and then waiting seven business days for it to be approved. That is not a quick turnaround time, especially because your event may already be happening before the seven days is up. So, if you’re looking to sell event tickets online simply and quickly but your event is a small one, Stubhub might not be the best option for you.

Don’t Sell Traditional Paper Tickets

Traditional paper tickets require you to get the tickets to the buyer before the event date. This means that you will have to mail them out and ensure they make it on time otherwise you will receive a big penalty.

Not to mention, not very many people are looking to buy paper tickets. They would prefer a digital version, meaning the tickets might be hard to sell.

List Out Everything

Stubhub does all the communication between buyers and sellers. This makes it easy on you in the way that you don’t have to be continuously negotiating prices and can stay anonymous. However, it also means that there is no way for you to communicate with the buyer.

Your tickets may not sell well if buyers have a lot of questions about them and are unable to get answers. Therefore, you should be sure to list out every possible thing about the tickets in the listing to prevent confusion.

Be sure to include the date, seat number, whether it comes with a parking pass, time slot, entrance they must go through, etc. The more thorough you are with your listing, the faster your tickets will sell.



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