Creativity has become a highly-valued attribute for both employers and individuals looking to get the most out of their lives.

As technology continues to have an impact on the workplace, it has become clear that individuals will always have a creative advantage. While a machine can be programmed to do repetitive tasks, it will never be able to access the power of a creative human mind.

However, it is more than just having an advantage at work, once you tap into your creative brain power, you will start to see situations in your life differently too. Unfortunately, one study found that only one-fourth of people feel they were utilizing their creativity to its full potential. This is where programs like Landmark Worldwide’s personal development entry course, Landmark Forum, can help. The course follows a strict three-day schedule and offers participants ways to improve personal productivity, refine communications skills, and encourages creative thinking.

The truth is that creativity can be acquired and honed at any age or experience level. Here are some ways to unlock your inner creativity.

Alone time. The creative elements of the brain are better able to function when we are not distracted by other people or the world around us. If you are trying to increase your creativity, plan for a little reflective time each day. This gives your brain some breathing room to process events and work your way through problems and unlock ideas.

Explore. Being willing to try something new is closely linked with creativity. These experiences can help us understand issues differently, and help us appreciate new perspectives. They can also help individuals develop new and creative problem-solving techniques.

Make time for fun. While playing may seem like something you left behind in your childhood, it is a good way to connect with your creative side. Even a few minutes of fun can make a difference. Those who participate in a fun activity have been found to be better problem solvers and more positivity towards life.

Be physically active. Experts have agreed that exercise can help boost creativity. Activities like walking, swimming, cycling or running are some of the best ways to unlock your creative side.

Give your brain a rest. Allowing your brain some time off either through sleep or daydreaming can help you connect with your inner creativity. Psychologists believe that this time gives the brain a chance to unconsciously sift through problems or issues and develop a creative approach.

Connect with other creative minds. One study has shown that creative leaders help other employees be more creative themselves. Researchers believe this environment can lead to a good level of trust and openness. It seems by exposing yourself to new ideas and feedback you can access that creative part of your brain. Landmark Forum participants have found sessions that allow them to talk candidly to one another have been the source of their capability to unlock their creativity.

Creativity is not a fixed trait but instead something you can strengthen over time through practice and effort. By growing your creativity, you can generate new ideas and unlock your creative confidence.

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