Not sure how you should spend your marketing budget? One great option is Social Media Advertising, a targeted and cost-effective way to reach your desired clients. With over a million new users in social media each year, now is the best time to start using this platform to expand your small business.

Social Media Advertising by the Numbers

Just last year, social media ad spends increased by over 70%. Why such a huge increase? Social media advertising is highly sophisticated and ad-blocker proof targeting tool which made it easy to customize, execute and measure your marketing strategy. All you need is some imagination.

What makes social media advertising so wonderful is that you are able to target the people that would most likely be interested in your business, making a great strategic planning method. If your business comes out with a new product, social media is the best way to advertise it.

When using social media for marketing, it’s important to closely monitor your analytics and always optimize. If you are not monitoring your data and regularly changing ads as a result, you’re not doing any optimization and could be wasting money. When done right, paid social media marketing can surely pay off, but if you’re not going to spend the needed time, it can also be a waste of money.

Finding the Right Social Media Platform for Your Business

LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter all provide great advertising options but not all of them will work best for your particular business. This where you need to figure your target demographic and find out what social media platform they use most. You can read the latest social networking platforms user demographics to find out. Now let’s look at some of the main platforms and the benefits they provide:


Facebook owns Instagram and offers many customization options, making it the kind of social advertising. You can use Facebook Ads to target users based on location, age, gender, behavior, interests, and even their connections. Similar to Google, Facebook gives you an opportunity to remarket users who previously visited your site, given you their email address, or used your mobile app.

Another interesting thing about Facebook is that it splits your ad across Instagram and their platform, depending on where most of your target demographic are located. For the first foray into social media advertising, Facebook is the perfect venue, offering a lot of bang for your buck.


Although not having the reach of Facebook, Twitter provides some great ways to market for the lower budget marketer. You can set your ads to run on a performance basis. This basically means that you will only pay for your campaign when it achieves its marketing objective. This could be based on the number of follows, page impressions, or even app installs.

You can also target users who use a specific hashtag or word on Twitter, or who interacted with tweets containing those words. Overall, advertising through Twitter is cheap, costing pennies per click. It mainly depends on the popularity of the area you want to advertise in.


LinkedIn is more focused on the B2B world (Business to Business, making it the ideal place to build professional connections. You can target your ads to users with certain job titles, professional qualifications, or levels of seniority.

Your options for advertising vary, from sponsored mail delivered to user’s inboxes, to sponsored content, or plain old text ads. LinkedIn ads are worth examining to reach your desired audience if your business is a B2B enterprise.

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