difficult professions

A huge part of what defines us as individuals is our profession and the work that we do. There are several professions in the world and each of them are equally important for the world to run smoothly. However, if we look closely we will realize that not all professions are the same. Some of them are more laborious than the others and you need to put in more effort if you happen to be in one of these difficult professions.

A lot of people may feel that what they do is difficult and while most jobs are tough, there are some difficult professions that are physically, mentally and emotionally demanding. These professions are not the regular 9 to 5 jobs that most people are doing. These professions require you to have a strong mettle and give your all to what you do. These jobs are not meant for everyone but are extremely rewarding. Here are some of the most demanding and difficult professions in the world.


Being an army personnel is no easy task. There are several divisions of the army and the ones that involve marine operations and mercenary roles are more challenging than the others. This profession requires you to be physically fit and constantly put your life at risk for safeguarding the interests of your country and its people. As an army personnel, men and women are required to carry out operations that may pose a threat to their lives and may result in trauma to their physical selves.


One of the most difficult professions in the world is that of a healthcare worker and the recent coronavirus pandemic is proof of it. The jobs of nurses, paramedics, doctors and surgeons are extremely difficult because it comes with the responsibility of the wellbeing of human lives. Each day in this profession is demanding where it requires you to put the needs of those who are vulnerable before your own. It also comes with a lot of mental stress in dealing with loss that occurs in spite of your best efforts. It’s a job where you never know what to expect but can be quite rewarding.

Oil rig worker

A profession that involves a high amount of risk is that of an oil rig worker. Whether you are a painter, tool pusher, driller or a cleaner working in an oil rig, this profession will require you to work in hostile environmental conditions that can be physically and mentally challenging. Plenty of jobs in states like Texas require you to work in an oil and gas company where you will have to put your life at risk. However, this profession also provides you with great opportunities to earn a substantial amount of money. The wages are high and often include accommodation and meals in order to compensate for the risk involved.

Crab fishermen in Alaska

People in Alaska who are responsible for fishing crabs do so by spending long arduous hours in the rough seas that can be extremely tough especially when the weather is bad. Sometimes the conditions are grueling where the men will need to work round the clock searching for crabs. In return, they earn very good money if they get a good catch.


A firefighter is a person whose job is to save the general public from potential life threatening situations on a daily basis. They are required to be available 24/7 responding to emergencies such as chemical spills, road accidents, water rescue and fires. The role of a firefighter is a dangerous one and may involve challenges that bring a lot of stress but successful operations can leave you with a high satisfactory feeling.

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