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Could Idris Elba Be The Next James Bond?

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With the release of “Spectre” on the horizon, rumors regarding the future of James Bond are heating up.

A recently obtained email (leaked because of the now infamous Sony hack) has detailed the studios wish to have Idris Elba take up the James Bond mantle.

While current Bond, Daniel Craig has not said he won’t return as 007 after Spectre, as he has played Bond four times (including Spectre) and the actor may wish to relinquish his role. If he does, it seems Elba is the front-runner to be his replacement.

If the studio did indeed come forth and offer Elba the chance at being the next 007, the actor would not hesitate to seize the opportunity, as he stated during a recent reddit Q&A.
“Yes, if it was offered to me, absolutely.”

The casting of Elba would be very significant in Bond history, as the actor would become the first black actor to take on the role. At this point it’s just a rumor, as Craig could still return for a fifth Bond film.

Elba would be a stellar casting, but it’s still way to early to say it’s going to happen.

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