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Importance of Health Care Insurance

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Health insurance is very important to make sure that you have an even better life when you turn older. Not all the ages are same. While you hustle during your 30’s it is also advisable to invest in right insurance plans so that you can keep safe in your 50’s and later on. Health insurance is not only for you but also for your family. It is good to keep your parents insured and they are getting older. It is better to be insured rather than facing problems during an emergency. It is your duty to be responsible for the health of your family and also you.

After working for a good 30 to 40 years, when you finally decide to relax and just see life passing by, this insurance will help you to have an easy and happy life. Health insurance carries a lot of importance especially when you are turning old. This can help you lead a life without constantly worrying about the health of your loved ones. Retirement is when the fixed income exists no more and this is the time when you need to have the best life as it matters a lot. On the PolicyX.com, the platform help you to know the importance of having a health insurance policy. It will also help you in medical insurance policy comparison online through which you can choose the best one accordingly.

We all have figured how we want our life to be after 20-30 years from today. There are some of us who want to be settled with family while there are a few of us who want to just unwind and chill with friends and loved ones. There might be a few of us who just want to be as independent as they already are. But life is very uncertain. It is very easy to fall into a problem rather than just stay happy for the entire life. Here is when health insurance plays a major role in helping you live peacefully.

Having a health insurance will help you live peacefully as you do not really have to worry about the health and sickness when they arrive. The health insurance policy majorly looks after all the problems that might be faced by the policyholder depending on the policy. It helps in paying for the medication, surgeries, hospital admission so on and so forth depending on the type of policy that is chosen by the policyholder. It is always advisable to plan a proper health care for your parents, family and loved ones as this will help you during all the emergencies.

It is advisable to start saving early as early saving will help you collect better returns when the policy matures.

Example: there are two people A and B, A starts to save Rs. 5000 per month at the age of 20 and pays 12.5 percent as compound interest by the end of every year. By the time A turns 60 and retires he has a sum of Rs. 5.94 crore as the savings from the insurance. On the other hand, we have B who starts at his 30’s but invest the same and retires at 60 years but has a sum of Rs. 1.76 crore. This clearly shows the need to start early.

With the above example we see that by starting 10 years late, B loses on to Rs. 4 crores. If you haven’t invested in health insurance yet, start it right away as losing time also means losing money. Other than that it also means that you have lost on to the savings that could be used by you on your health when getting old.

Ageing is a process that cannot be stopped or changes. You are always getting a day older and a day wiser. And hence it is best to invest your money in medical  insurance rather than spending it all away on unwanted luxury. It carries a lot of importance to have a luxurious life when you are 60’s and 70’s rather than now. This is the time to hustle up and achieve something so good that it will help you decide your further life and help you concentrate freely on the life after retirement. Health insurance has numerous benefits that can only be availed if you pay for the policy right away.

Hence, do what is best, invest your earnings in health insurance policy now to avail the best benefits when you are sick or in trouble.


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