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Impractical Jokers: Top 5 Joe Moments

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Impractical Jokers is full of countless hilarious moments. Every week you tune in, it is thirty minutes of non-stop laughter. Part of the fun comes from the quirky characteristics that make each joker who they are. For Murr, it’s his self-confidence and care for his appearance. Sal’s humor comes from his insane laughing, great dance moves plus his fear of cats and germs.

And then there is Joe. Joe is the man with no shame. He will embarrass himself for the enjoyment of others without hesitating. It is always surprising when he actually is unable to complete a task, as the things he refuses to do usually do not seem nearly as bad as the things he does.

This Thursday the show will be having a live season five finale, named Nitro Circus. Over the course of those five seasons, Joe has amassed so many awesome moments. So needless to say, weeding things down to a top five was not easy. So yes, there are going to be plenty of funny moments that did not make the cut. But I can assure, the five moments below are ones that will leave you rolling on the floor. Without any further ado, here are Joe’s top five moments from Impractical Jokers.

5) Teaching CPR

Nothing like referring to body parts as car models. Joe’s intensity while performing the Heimlich on this dummy is out of this world, as he just goes at a hilariously fast pace while shouting out words like Nissan Maximus and Regis Philbin. It is all topped off by Joe’s fast pace approach being shut down and taking the loss when he can’t say one final line.

4) Out of toilet paper

This was the moment where Joe announced his presence as the most fearless man on the show. The man with no shame had no issues opening the door and shouting at unsuspecting patrons that he needed some toilet paper while his pants were around his ankles. And the way he singles out a specific lady just adds to the humor of this clip.

3) Captain Fat Belly

Hands down the most iconic Joe punishment. If you are an Impractical Jokers fan, the phrase “Suck it!” will make you immediately think of Captain Fat Belly. Placing Joe on top of a moving Roosevelt Island Tram in spandex and a cape makes for a classic moment on its own. Add in Joe’s constant use of the DX catchphrase, along with the classic arm motions, and this moment is one of Joe’s, and one of the show’s most memorable moments.

2) Scoopski Potatoes

Ok, just watch the clip below. This is simply one of those moments that make you roll over laughing on the floor. Joe’s delivery of each scoop of potatoes. The people in the restaurant are enjoying Joe’s antics just as much as I did, and they make this moment even better. When I think of Joe, Scoopski potatoes immediately comes to mind. Hands down a top five moment in the show’s first five seasons.

1) Larry!

As much as I love Scoopski potatoes, there is nothing that can top a classic Larry moment! Larry moments have appeared in several episodes, and every single one of them will make you laugh. For a history of Larry, and clips from all the Larry moments, you can check out this video. But there is one Larry moment that stands above the rest, and that is the one where Joe is playing a cashier. From his constant shouting of foods (Concord grapes and Aspargi!) to Joe running around the store, there is simply no topping this clip when it comes to Joe.

So what do you think? Do you agree with these five moments as being the best of Joe’s time on Impractical Jokers through five seasons? Or are there any other moments that deserve to be on this list? Tell us in the comments!

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