Improve Your Sleep With Kratom

Well, kratom is known to have originated from South Asian countries and is classified to be in the coffee plant family. The popularity of kratom is increasing globally and more people are using it. Kratom is sold in physical shops and some people sell in online shops. People tend to use kratom for different purposes and their intake is also in different ways. Kratom is used for different purposes. Some people use kratom to relieve stress, calm their nerves, reduce pain, for pleasure, and others to aid insomnia.

Some people who experience insomnia found a solution to that through kratom. The first question that might be hitting you is how kratom achieves to make you sleep or improve your sleep? The answer is that the alkaloid present in kratom links the brain receptors and brings about the sleep effect.

Some experience lack of sleep due to stress or anxiety. In other cases, people can sleep but they do not get the quality sleep that one is supposed to get. You should be aware that people react differently to their kratom intake. This is because different people have different systems and reactions in the body. There are some factors to consider when dealing with kratom for the sake of your sleep.

These factors are:

1. The kratom strain in use.

A major reminder to you is that there are specific kratom strains that aid in the sleeping issue. The reason that backs up that statement is some strains do not have high sedative effects to be able to improve your sleep. It is also not advisable to swallow kratom pills (if it is your choice) in an empty stomach.

An empty stomach can cause stomach upset or nausea. You should avoid the strains that boost your energy and have stimulating effects since they will not be of any help. It is true to say that white kratom strains cannot aid in sleeping or insomnia. These strains are good in stress relief that relaxes your mind. Three red strains are known to improve sleep. They are:

a) Red Bali Kratom

It is considered to be the strongest strain and has calming effects. When taken in large considerable amounts, it helps you to get quality sleep. The relieving of stress is what calms the mind and results in sleep. You should also note that by using this strain does not prevent you from waking up in the middle of the night. This does not guarantee you deep sleep, it only assists you to fall asleep in a relaxed way.

b) Red Borneo Kratom

This strain is known to have a pleasant relaxing feeling as well as a painkiller. This strain is also used to aid insomnia. When taken, it brings about sleep and you can adapt a good sleep schedule. Happens to be that this same strain is the best preferred by kratom users.

c) Red Indo Kratom

The effects of this strain are quite intense since the leaves have high alkaloid composition and are slightly sedative. It calms your nerves resulting in making you drowsy thus resulting in sleep.

2. The amount to take

You should make sure that the quantity you take is not too little or too much. It should be considered. It is evident that people’s body reactions are different and you should therefore start with a good quantity. You do not have to follow other people’s suggestions online. Two or three grams are good for starters.

At some point, taking a very high dosage will curb you from falling asleep since the stimulating effects are too strong. If you are opting to use a pill, do not consume lots of water after swallowing the pill since it can dilute gastric enzymes and the absorption is affected thus will not be strong as expected.

3. The time the dosage is taken

When taking kratom to achieve the target of sleep, at least take it three hours before the time you always prefer to go to bed. The reason is that the drowsy effect kicks in after two hours. In the meanwhile, you can try to do something relaxing to set you in a relaxed state that makes you fall asleep easily. You should avoid browsing through your phone or watching TV after taking the kratom. This is because television and the phone will stimulate your mind that prevents you from sleeping.

4. The consumption method

  1. You can choose to either prepare tea by adding kratom, chewing, or swallowing as a pill. The most effective way is by taking it as tea. A cup of kratom tea after dinner assists in digestion of food and putting you in bed on time as the effect hits after two hours. You should not mix the kratom with nicotine or caffeine in your tea since kratom is a potent herb and the mixing may result in unwanted effects. To be a potent herb is being a powerful herb with great effect.


You should be careful when using kratom since you may develop a tolerance to the quantity you are used to taking. This results in you having to take larger doses to get the desired effect of sleep in this case. You can at least take it three days a week to reduce that risk. Other than alkaloids, hydroxy mitragynine is another component in kratom that causes physical ease to you and provides a feeling of comfort. Do you want quality sleep? A major consideration should be trying to stay away from stress and be able to clear and relax your mind while in bed.

If you treat your sleeping problems and improve your sleep, you will feel better and energetic during the day. Indeed it is a win-win case. In conclusion, I hope you grasped something from this article and can now be able to improve your sleep using kratom. You can also share with your pals who are interested in these kinds of things. Always be cautious of your consumption.

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