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Secrets of wineries in South Australia
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The “Insider” Secrets of wineries in South Australia

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Adelaide is more than just the capital of South Australia. It is also the wine capital of Australia. Most of you must have already heard a lot about this place and its wine culture as a whole, but do you know what makes this place so special on the global front? What makes this place go-to for all the wine lovers globally? Let’s find out!

1. The Adelaide and the Adelaide Plains

Hands down, our first spot was reserved by the wineries of Adelaide like the Penfold Magill. In fact, Adelaide has the National Wine Center, as its epitome for all the wine lovers globally.

On your visit, you will discover plenty of cellar doors and tasting rooms. This means you will never run out of wine tasting opportunities. Plus, Adelaide is an amazing place to learn about wine.

2. The Adelaide Hills

Before we get to know about the wineries of Adelaide Hills, let me tell you that this place is just a short drive from the main city itself, and has jaw-dropping views worth gazing at.

Now for the wineries, this place witnesses a lot of cellar doors and your day will be well spent with a lot of tasting opportunities. How is this place different from Adelaide and the Plains? Adelaide Hills have prize-winning cool climate wines, from Sauvignon Blanc to Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

3. Barossa

Although this place is called Barossa, this place is home to two of world’s best wine regions, which are the Barossa Valley, and the Eden Valley.

Other than cellar doors and tons of tasting opportunities, what makes this place so special is that it hosts the best wines from both the regions, which is the Eden Valley for amazing Riesling and the Barossa Valley for the world’s best Shiraz.

4. The Clare Valley

My recommendation is that on your tour, you must cover both: the Barossa, as well as The Clare Valley together as the latter, is a little further north from the prior.

This place is famous for its Riesling, so for all the Riesling lovers, Barossa and Clare must be on your go-to lists. These kinds of places are best experiences when you Ride a bicycle and stop at various cellar doors for your treat!

5. The Fleurieu Peninsula

South of Adelaide, the Fleurieu Peninsula which is home to the McLaren Vale, Langhorne Creek, Currency Creek, and the Southern Fleurieu. All of them are exceptional wine centers, with the world’s best cellar doors, but yes, the McLaren Vale truly is a personal favorite.

It would be fair enough if I say you would be spoilt for choices in the Fleurieu Peninsula. Oh but, keep an eye out – you may also find brewery centers as well.

6. The Kangaroo Island

This place has a lot to offer other than that of the amazing wildlife and birdlife. It has wineries, which would on any day of the year satisfy your taste buds. The best part, wherever you are on this island, a winery wouldn’t be far away!

7. Limestone Coast

Again, like the Fleurieu Peninsula, this place has a lot of places and towns famous for its offerings upon the wine culture. Overall, this place has a great taste when it comes to great, robust wines, like none other.

This is because this place is blessed with a unique terra Rossa soil, eventually leading the grapes to have a unique taste and flavor due to various limestone layers.

8. The Riverland

Located on the Murray River, the Riverland is home to some exotic, world-famous wineries including, Berri Estate, Banrock Station Wine and Wetlands Centre, Caudo Wines, and Angove’s Family Winemakers.

But wait, that’s not it. If you want to experience one of the best spirits in Australia, you just can’t miss the iconic and multi-award-winning 23rd Street Distillery.

This list is just a sneak-peek to the wineries in South Australia, but if you wish to know more, click here. What really matters is that you understand the special place of South Australia in the wine culture. There is a reason why it is one of the nine Great Wine Capitals of the world.

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