In a world of ever-changing times, adaptability is a character trait that serves you well. COVID-19 has changed our world and our lives forever, but it has also presented us with some opportunities to adapt. While brick and mortar businesses scale back, mostly under direct government order, online business is booming. This has increased the demand for online professionals and online learning is one gateway that people can use to seize these opportunities.

If you’re interested in using this time to people, CPR classes online are a good idea for a number of reasons. An online CPR class can make you an ideal resource in case of an emergency. Additionally, on a professional note, certifications always look well on your resume.

Here are eight other insanely profitable skills you can learn online.

Coding (Entry Level Salary)

Coding, which is often referred to as junior software development is an excellent career move and the opportunities to work remotely are abundant. If you are completely new to software development, that is totally fine. Most of the best online courses and boot camps are designed for someone with a beginner’s skill set. Some of the bigger IT and Software companies even offer these courses in-house. In many cases, the successful completion of a certificate program is an inroad for an entry-level opportunity with the company.

Translating (Entry Level Salary)

Do you know a second language? If yes, then it’s time you monetized this skill! If not, then learn one. Our local world is diversifying dramatically as to more closely resemble our global one. Learning a second language or even a third language is a step in skills development that only makes you more employable or profitable entrepreneurially. Today, the best language learning apps are literally at your fingertips, affordable and sometimes free! If you’ve got a thing for languages and helping people, then do your research and find a language program for you.

Graphic Design (Entry Level Salary)

Practically, graphic design is the artful craft of creating content that visually communicates the desired marketing or brand message. Learning this skill can lead to a fulfilling career. In a field where creative thought matters, being yourself is encouraged as a freelancer, and you can make your own hours. Seize the opportunity to learn graphic design online with any one of a number of well-reviewed online courses and boot camps.

Copywriting (Entry Level Salary)

Author Tom Stoppard wrote, “Words, words. They’re all we have to go on.” In times of such isolation, this cannot be more true. Copywriting differs from copyrighting and is an essential branding and marketing tool. What is copy, you ask? Just do it. The famous Nike slogan is copy. It’s only three words, but someone had to write it. As a copywriter, you are the voice for marketing and digital marketing campaigns. Short copy like, “Just do it” can make you the voice of a generation. This is a skill that can really open doors.

SEO/ Data Analytics (Entry Level Salary)

Considering all of the careers on this list, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) analysis is among the most in-demand. SEO includes the review of data as it relates to user behavior and website traffic. You can get certified in a matter of weeks or over the course of a few months. Remember, the more comprehensive the course, then the more qualified you will be upon completion. Once certified you can serve as an in-house SEO analyst, for an SEO agency, or as a freelance SEO company owner.

Editor/ Proofreader (Entry Level Salary)

While at first glance the duties related to editing and proofreading may seem intuitive, there are skills and processes that you have to learn to be proficient in this role. Proficiency, an important thing, will present lucrative full-time, contract, and freelance opportunities. So, if you’re detail-oriented and enjoy reading, the smart money says it’s time to capitalize on your skills and extra time. Honing your editing and proofreading skills online is easy and remote roles are available in abundance. If this is something you could see yourself doing, then you stand to make some decent money even if you only intend to supplement your primary income with a part-time role.

Social Media Manager (Entry Level Salary)

Social media management is more than just tweeting and surfing Facebook. As a social media manager, you’ll be creating and scheduling content to market for businesses. You’ll also engage with and analyze these activities for their effectiveness among users. In many cases, you can learn social media management and become certified in just a matter of weeks for free. In this day and age, odds are that you are immersed in social media during your daily life. Why not learn more and get paid for it?

Bookkeeping (Entry Level Salary)

Bookkeeping is the recording, storing and retrieving of financial information and documents. Learning this skill online can qualify you for employment with a business, nonprofit organization, or an individual. This a career field full of remote options and chances to further advance your skills once certified. Plus, with more and more start-ups finding it more convenient to hire bookkeepers, this provides ample opportunity for the entrepreneurial-spirits to freelance and make really good money.

Face it, COVID-19 has changed everything as we know it and forced remote learning and working as two of the orders of the day. It is in your best interest to be adaptable in these times of uncertainty and empower yourself with career-advancing skills in some of the most cutting edge and globally expanding industries. All of these careers offer the benefits of living where you want, setting your own schedule, and competitive pay. Now is finally time for you to advance your career with online learning and see where the freedom of remote working takes you!

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