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Regardless of you are an Instagram influencer, a business owner of a mom of three, we bet you use Instagram Direct. The in-app chat room offers various options from a Snapchat-like disappearing messages to sharing GIFs and voice messages. In 2019 you don’t need to switch the app to share your impressions or keep in touch with like-minded people.  While the integral chat is manageable from the phone, if you run several dialogs a day, using it for business is daunting. 

Can you manage the busy chat rooms from a computer? Yes, and some methods supply extended functionality and promotion tools for your ease. The options we included in this article will help you to unload your direct and speed up the communication at least two times. Discover the full guidance for all devices below! 

Instagram direct for Windows: how to relocate chats? 

Lucky you are if your OS is Windows and preferable the newer version. The issue is Instagram developers took care of you and designed the official web chat for Windows. You can set it up for free and enjoy the same function the IG app offers. How to get the web version for your device? 

  • Go to Microsoft Store;
  • Download the web version on your PC;
  • Log in to your Instagram and start using DMs.

This approach is the most clear-cut and obvious. Now you benefit from the comfortable keyboard and beautiful Instagram integration to your daily work tasks. Does this app have drawbacks? 

There are several conditions you should take into account. Firstly, the official web app for Windows is only working on Windows 10 and later versions. So, you need to upgrade your device if it’s obsolete. Don’t worry, further in this review; you discover the solution suitable for any operating system and hardware. 

Instagram direct for Windows

Instagram chats for other than Windows software 

The owners of Apple computers and those you set up Linux for their devices can run Instagram direct from a PC too. They will have to install the particular program – an Android emulator. These programs enable running any app made for a phone from a computer, the interface and toolkit remain unchangeable. The most time-tested emulator is BlueStacks; it fits any operating system. 

Running any app via an emulator demands more actions, but the process is straightforward:

  • Upload an emulator using the official website;
  • Proceed swift registration if you have a Google account;
  • Install Instagram application inside the emulator;
  • Sign in your profile and move to the Direct folder. 

The choice for the Android emulators is vast; the only advice for your safety here – download the app from the official resource. If your computer is on macOS, pay attention to Flume as a BlueStacks reliable alternative. 

What should you keep in mind before downloading any emulator? The programs work smoothly on the updated devices and conventional operating systems. If your software leaves much to be desired, or you prefer not to waste your memory or run IG chats from several computers, pass to the further option. 

Instagram direct via online services

Instagram direct via online services: do they influence your promotion? 

Well, yes. Let’s begin with the great reason to apply an online service for your Instagram performance – you are gaining followers base and need to automate communication. Indeed, online services offering desktop IG chats provide you with templates for auto mass messaging, filters for target mailing, and robust Hashtag generator. But, surely, they are not free. No doubt, if Instagram is a part of your business strategy, this investment will payback. Let’s assume, why? 

Instagram Direct on a computer. The correspondence on the desktop allows you to copy and paste links, and any info in one step. The keyboard is handy, and the screen is big – everything you need for work on Instagram. 

Exceptional toolkit. Automation services for Instagram Direct are spiced up with in-built filters, custom followers lists, and auto-replies. This functionality indeed unfolds the chat rooms. The target mailout makes it possible to mass message to people considering their age, residence, and the number of posts and likes. What else do you need to reach influencers, customer groups, or segment your community? 

Popularity boost. Usually, target mailing itself leads to an open rate increase and other marketing metrics. Plus, Direct modules existing today also include promotion bots, that make your page noticeable – Stories watching, auto-likes, and mass following, which actually works in synergy. 

Customer support. While apps and emulators might not work smoothly, leaving you desperate, online services suggest 24/7 support. 

The traffic boost after using automation tools and Direct modules doubles as a rule. So, for the following audiences, this option is a must:

  • Bloggers, celebs, models;
  • Instagram business accounts;
  • Marketers and digital strategists. 

Well, the positive feedback you will get is palpable. The only but is to choose a time-tested service, cause the web is full of scammers and fraudsters. Explore and register via the best service! 


The convenience of the desktop Instagram chats is what we struggle for in this guidance. We shared three options ready to use according to your aims. They are:

  1. Desktop app from the official Windows store;
  2. Android emulators like BlueStack, Flume, etc.;
  3. Websites, offering desktop IG chats along with promotion.

Figure out the best option fitting your overall goal and speed up the conversations on Instagram! 

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