Interesting places in NYC you should see

New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world, and there is always a hive of activity. There are so many famous sites at every turn and you may even realise that there is not enough time to do and see all that is on your bucket list. When traveling to London, it is great idea to read a guide about where to store your luggage while exploring the city.

Many people go to NYC to enjoy a Broadway musical show, others come to wine and dine or even shop. However, there are many people that visit this magical city simply to site see. As you may know, NYC is home to some of the most world renowned attractions like the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge. 

Many of the tourist attractions are within walking distance of each other or just a small drive away. NYC is thus quite a delight for those wanting to sight see. In recent years, there have been newer tourist attractions opened in NYC like the High Line and One World Observatory. There are many things to do and see in NYC any time of the year and at any time of day or night. Check this website for some ideas of where to live and what to do in the Big Apple. 

Things to do in NYC

  1. The Statue of Liberty – The Statue of Liberty was given to America as a gift in 1886 by France. It remains the symbol of freedom to this day and is one of the tourist’s attractions in America. It is 152 feet tall and one of the world’s largest statues, weighing 450 000 pounds. The statue can be seen from Battery Park in Manhattan however, the best place to view it is by taking a boat trip to Liberty Island. Usually, those touring the Statue of Liberty have the option of stopping at Ellis Island and exploring the Immigration Museum. At this museum you will be able to use the on-site computer to search the database to see a record of immigrants who came through, 
  2. Central Park – you can take a walk, peddle or carriage ride on the pathways of Central Park. It has many attractions apart from experiencing nature, such as strawberry Fields, Central Park Zoo and a beautiful lake. If you are exploring without a guide you should pick up a map from one of the visitor centres. 
  3. Metropolitan Museum of Art – The Metropolitan Museum of Art known as MET was founded in 1870 and is one of the most prominent museums in the US. There are more than two million works of art which spans over a period of 5 000 years. 
  4. Broadway and the theatre district – Many people dream of attending a Broadway musical show while in NYC. It is one of the ultimate experiences especially if you love theatre productions. If you plan on watching a popular show you should book your tickets in advance as they do tend to get sold fast. 
  5. Empire State Building – known as one of NYC’s most popular landmarks, the Empire State Building is 381 meters tall and 102 storeys high. On days with clear weather you will see up to 80 miles into neighbouring states. There are two observatories over the building and both offer amazing views: the 86th floor observatory which is 1050 feet and the top deck on the 102nd floor which is 1250 feet. 
  6. High Line – this is an exciting new attraction in NYC which was previously a rail line transformed into a beautiful trail above the city streets. You will find a variety of plants and trees along the paths which show off spectacular flowers in spring time. Just off the High Line there are also other interesting places of interest with a host of fine dining restaurants. Nearby you will find the Chelsea Market which is packed with eateries and unique little shops. 
  7. Times Square – Times Square is definitely a place to visit in the evening as it is lit up with billboards and large screens. This is where the annual New Year’s Eve party is held. The place was formerly known as Longacre Square and renamed Times Square in 1904. 
  8. Fifth Avenue – this is one of the most well-loved streets to shop in America as many top designers have their flagship stores here, such as Tiffany, Cartier and Bergdorf-Goodman. 

There is so much that can be done in the city that never sleeps. The place is abuzz with fun and activity for the whole family.

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