DIY Tips to Kill Tree Roots

With the growth of tree root problems worldwide, killer products from tree roots have become increasingly popular. If you not only want to kill but also remove the roots from the ground, you would need a professional tree stump removal service.

Nobody wants an unwanted tree growing at a place where it should not be. It is a common problem in many landscapes. Sometimes, the problem is a shoot that is growing under a tree. If the problem is growth on a tree stump, it can be solved, but shoots getting from the root of a tree are challenging to get rid of. 

However, you can reduce your recurrence, especially if you use more than one technique listed here. If the shoots grow from a tree trunk and its remaining roots, you can stop those offspring with the use of a herbicide.


One way to kill a tree that is posing a threat is to drill several holes around the circumference of the tree trunk. Then you will have to fill them with nitrogen fertilizer and, over time, the fungus will grow in the holes and break down the wood.

It is a long process that can last about four or six weeks. On the other hand, you can fill the herbicide holes by cutting a ring around the trunk.

Copper nails

It is also useful to drill as much as you can into the tree trunk with copper nails, which will allow the fungus to enter the tree and break it down.


Another way to kill a tree is to drill several holes in the trunk and any exposed roots. Then you must fill the holes with coarse salt and cover with sand or foil. This will kill the tree in a week or two.


Of course, the best way to kill a tree is to cut it at the root using a motor saw. However, it is a method that cannot be used if the tree is too large, or there is a danger of property damage due to falling trees.


Buying chemicals for the garden is always risking your health and that of your family. Chemicals will never be healthy for people, for the environment or any living being around them. But you don’t have to think that it is the only option to have your healthy garden, you can create your herbicide with vinegar and without adding anything else.

If you do not want to make commercial root killer, it may be wise to get rid of the roots themselves and go for a tree removal service.

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