By Charlie Brown

Digital marketing is indeed the future of marketing but that is old news. What’s creating the new buzz?

Digital signage and outdoor marketing are the new trends that are taking over digital marketing with gusto. The delight is more about the savings and increased profits associated with the adoption of digital signage rather than the sheer excitement of coming across something new.

Why should most businesses switch to digital signage right now?

Digital signage is more of a business investment that has successfully cut down printing costs, training costs, advertising costs and employee costs across various public and private sectors.

Here are a few unique advantages of this multi-faceted signage system

1. It increases employee productivity –Increasing employee productivity in an organic manner is next to impossible if you do not have the right stimuli. Digital signage can offer employee training in a new and more engaging manner that will help motivate your employees.

2. Increased customer satisfaction – many retail outlets and fast food chains are replacing human help with touch-screen signage boards that can record order, compile bills and register complaints. Since they rarely falter they contribute to higher customer satisfaction rates.

3. Environmentally friendly – it has successfully stopped printing in several sectors. This has reduced printing costs and is currently saving millions of sheets of paper all across the country.

4. Making money with digital signage – It offers a score of customization options that in turn opens up new windows of opportunities for making money that conventional businesses have never seen before.

How is digital signage technology making money for a wide range of businesses each day?

Here are a few instances of how digital signage has helped in increasing the profit in different sectors

1. Healthcare – digital signboards have the power to sell ads to pharmaceutical representatives and host an ad network dedicated to healthcare, all by itself. Since it is controlled via a computer it is possible to maintain and manipulate the updates regularly without spending extra bucks for renovation.

2. Public sector – digital signboards have been making their mark on public sectors as well. NPOs and NGOs can advertise fund raisers and upcoming events to the public for raising awareness and funds. This is a stellar way of getting noticed in public places.

3. Retail – retail is the leader in adoption of new techniques like signage that are revolutionizing the ways in which retail outlets interact with their customers. It is usually helpful during the promotion of new products and offers through digital ads.

Digital signage is also bringing in a new generation of touch-screen technology in retail, the kind seen at Dominos, McDonalds and Macy’s where the customer can interact with the central server through physical interfaces.

4. Education – the digital signage industry is booming in schools and colleges. While schools with digital signage can lease out portions of screen space to student bodies and organizations, they can also use these boards for straightforward advertising.

This increases the penetration and widens the reach to a larger, potential audience.

Making the shift towards digital media and signage is a holistic approach towards digital marketing. The western world seems more than happy to be adapting to the advantages of new- age digital marketing that are brought along by digital signage.

Author Bio: Charlie Brown is a blogger who specializes in the trends in digital marketing. He has written quite a few outstanding pieces on the effects of digital signage on today’s marketing channels.

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