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Think of Roman Reigns as the new age version of Barry Windham. A good-looking wrestler with loads of talent who cannot quite conquer the top of the wrestling mountain. As a babyface, everyone loved Windham, the kid from Texas with the good looks and untapped potential. At one point, Windham could not eclipse the immortal Ric Flair. So to remain relevant in the NWA he joined the Four Horsemen. Until the night Hulk Hogan turned his back on professional wrestling and joined the New World Order, it was the single most important “turn” in the business. [DavidL] I’m not trying to make the comparison of Windham and Roman Reigns in terms of talent. There is no comparison in my book. What I am drawing similarities to is the Big Guy’s inability to fully get over with the fans and WWE. While the company continues to shove the three-time world champion down everyone’s throat in hopes of him being an accepted face of the company, the lack of support is miles long. Windham became one of the greatest heels in the NWA/WCW era and with a little luck, Reigns could do the same thing in the current state of this business. The upcoming match between Undertaker and Roman Reigns should be the former Shield member’s coming out party. His edgy promos and his snarling demeanor of late would make this move perfect for the times. While the company has been reluctant to put him in a title match against Kevin Owens for the Universal Title, a chance to end The Undertaker’s career would most definitely put him over as one of the top heels on the Monday Night Raw. The move could also mean a potential move to join the stable of Owens and Samoa Joe. Granted these are just thoughts and nothing is carved in stone, WWE should be laying the groundwork for Reigns to assume his rightful position as antagonist instead of an enforcer. Basically, if he can’t beat them, join them. WWE would help itself and Reigns by taking the same path it did with The Rock. Remember, Rocky Maivia burst on the scene with a bad haircut and a babyface only to turn heel and join the Nation of Domination. Only after he turned in Farooq and left the faction did he achieve super stardom. The company has been reluctant to walk down memory lane; however, it may be warranted. Not many fans are behind the idea of a Reigns-Undertaker match. Because of Reigns, for whatever reason, remaining Vince McMahon’s pet project, fans will not support the Samoan. Regardless of the storyline. The Undertaker, who has played on both sides of the fence, is the perfect opponent to get the second-generation wrestler over. And what better way to do that than to have him turn heel at the company’s biggest event. This isn’t something that should happen because it makes sense. It’s something that must happen because it’s Reigns last chance at becoming a mega star in this business.

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