BIPOC speaker, coach, and mentor pioneer Jazznea Smith of Intuitive Beaute created a podcast platform for tough conversations and provides practical tools for transformation. After experiencing divorce at 26 and a near death experience of acute pancreatitis, Jazznea‘s ‘aha’ moment came lying in the hospital bed. She was led to place a crystal on the area that hurt and was miraculously healed listening to God’s instructions. Jazznea made a pivot during this turbulent time from hair and makeup to coaching, holistic services and selling products.

Jazznea says, “My mission is to teach well-being. In healing my own childhood traumas, I found myself attracting people who needed to learn what I applied in my life. After coaching adults, I realized I could start with the youth! I plan to take holistic healing across the world, supplying kids with the tools needed to create a better community for us all.”

Her Mama Mai handmade-custom earrings, necklace and rings are made of crystal and materials include fuschite, sterling silver and soldering silver.100% of sales of this collection will fund the formations of Jazznea‘s children’s nonprofit until reaching $5000. Other services include tarot readings, catering to all things involving spiritual healing and growth.

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Jazznea Smith (Intuitive Beauté) dedicates her life to teaching people through channeled messages. She healed herself of acute pancreatitis by listening to God’s instructions and after her father’s transition in 2018, realized everything she experienced in life was to teach others how to overcome it. She absorbs ancient knowledge and relates it to everyday life experiences. She teaches and coaches the law of attraction, spirituality and understanding that all belief systems are rooted from the same origin. She coined ‘intuitive speaking’ to allow her vessel to be the medium for profound teachings to be shared. Her nonprofit organization will offer holistic services like yoga, meditation, and aromatherapy to urban/disadvantaged communities. Jazznea believes it’s important we supply children with healthier ways to deal with their emotions by using sound healing and other natural remedies that truly heal communities. Her nonprofit removes the need for financial support in urban or disadvantaged communities by ridding the stress of financial input. 

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