Jean Marc Bertin recently released his first single fully in Spanish “Te Soñe”, a catchy song that is becoming a total success


Jean Marc is a Haitian singer of trap and reggaeton mixed with tropical rhythms who sings in Spanish and French. He was born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti and grew up in the Dominican Republic. He loves both countries and wants to promote solidarity because he says that we are brothers and sisters regardless of the differences and political conditions of our countries. Peace and solidarity are always the best answer.


The motto of his songs is always “je m’appelle Jean Marc”.


Jean Marc composes all his songs. He says he finds inspiration to write in everything that happens in his life, as well as in the simplest things he experiences. 


A lover of music and art, this young artist wants to inspire others to follow their dreams and tells us that “in life we must take risks, but first of all we must believe in ourselves and in God.”


He lives in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. After his mother, Mireille Durocher Bertin was murdered in Haiti in 1995 for defending and fighting for her beliefs, his family had to go into exile in the Dominican Republic, where Jean Marc grew up with his father Jean Bertin and his siblings, Jean Christophe Bertin, Nastassja Bertin, and the famous artist Sarodj Bertin.


Jean Marc also has a Philanthropic soul, this young artist is an active member of his sister’s non-profit organization “Sarodj For a Purpose” where he enjoys working and helping kids in need in Haiti and Dominican Republic.


Jean Marc’s single “Piel Canela” was a big hit, a juvenile, fun and danceable French and Spanish theme whose video was shot at the Country House of the Dominican Republic.


His first song was also released in Spanish and French and is called ‘Conmigo’. You can enjoy it in this link


Jean Marc is an adventurous guy who enjoys extreme sports riding motocross, paragliding, and is not afraid of risks.


To stay up to date with your projects, follow him on IG: @jeanmarc_oficial


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