Jennifer Carrasco, CEO of Virago Skin & Body Studio, among other attributes, is proud of the levels of success she has reached in her career as an entrepreneur. Even more so, she is proud of what she has overcome on the way to said success. “I went all the way down before I fought my way back up. These lessons were a huge blessing in disguise,” Carrasco recalls. “I reached out to others for help, structure, and knowledge.”

This low point in Carrasco’s life came only about six years ago. She was filing for bankruptcy for the second time while simultaneously filing for her second divorce. A decade and a half prior to this low point, Carrasco founded Virago Skin & Body Studio, a company that sells high-quality and healthy skincare products. Still, as a single mother, it was tough to maintain her company. At this point in her life, though, Carrasco still had a vision of where she would end up. “I knew exactly where my life was going. Driven, focused, and determined, I did not know how I would get there; I just knew I would make it. I believed.” Sticking to her guns and relying upon her entrepreneurial spirit, Carrasco committed to working her back up. “Somewhere between growing up and doing the right thing, I started my career.”

Since this valley in her life, Jennifer Carrasco has blossomed as an entrepreneur and as a person. Still working at the helm of Virago, she also is the owner of Roseville Rocklin Electric, Inc., works as a business coach, and is an IFBB pro athlete. Developing a passion for health and fitness along her journey, Carrasco is also committed to helping others become healthy and love the skin they are in. She promotes fitness and healthy living techniques through her website and Instagram page, even offering advice, such as her recently announced 6-week metabolism program.

A true story of devoted entrepreneurship, Jennifer Carrasco has worked her way from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs, helping others along the way.

You can follow Jennifer Carrasco on her Facebook and Instagram and learn more about her business pursuits at her website.

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