Jessica Caver Lindholm is the founder of To Living Free, a movement dedicated to helping visionaries get rich while doing their soul work. As aligned prosperity coach and mindset expert, Jessica focuses on how to remove fear, embrace abundance over scarcity, and view money as a tool. This approach is desperately needed during these times when eliminating coffees is no longer relevant and mindset matters more than the market. The self-made millionaire is the epitome of the Colorado dream — creating consistent $50K+ months without the mental hassle.

Jessica says, “My mission is to financially empower visionaries to do their soul work and create massive impact and experience real freedom through my coaching, courses, and the endless stream of free content shared online.”

You can connect with Jessica on her website or Instagram where she shares almost daily free guidance and inspiration to help you create soul-led prosperity and real freedom, now.

More about Jessica

Jessica comes from a four-generation Centennial homestead family and graduated from Colorado State University with a full-ride Boettcher Foundation scholarship. You can find her running her business from her phone as she hikes the mountains near Fort Collins, while teaching others to live and work freely too. Transforming from small town country-girl to global success as a writer, speaker, and coach, Jessica has positively impacted hundreds of thousands a year for almost a decade.  

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