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Per media reports, Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid has reportedly agreed to a five-year, $148 million dollar rookie scale maximum contract extension according to ESPN’s Andrian Wojnarowski. The deal also comes with incentives if he makes an All NBA first, second, and third team or if he becomes the NBA’s Most Valuable Player this year.

If Embiid is able to perform he could earn up to $30 million more due to terms in the contract.

Embiid has only played 31 games in his possible four years in the NBA. The Sixers are showing with this deal that he is a player that they want in the long run. Embiid was last year’s leading scorer and dubbed his own nickname “The Process” after the Sixers slogan in the years they were tanking.

Since Embiid has displayed his loyalty to the organization and the Sixers have rewarded Embiid with this hefty contract. Head coach Brett Brown speaks in high praise of Embiid. Says that he “changes the gym” when he practices and he is still young so he can get even better than he is now.

According to ESPN Brown said:

“You don’t give up that tag freely — but he has a chance to be great, he has a chance to be great,” Brown said. “There’s still a lot of work to be done. You know, when you look at his body of work — only playing 31 games, and really he’s only been playing basketball for six years, and he’s 23. He’s just scratching the surface.”

Embiid’s potential has given him a longer stay in a place he calls home which is Philadelphia. He will have to produce wins for the team because with great reward comes high expectations. Fultz and Simmons are rookies and are two-thirds of the big three that the Sixers will display so everything should run through Embiid like last year.

He is their best player and the future of the franchise.


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