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Joint family

Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family: Which One Do You Think Is Best?

Our world has become modernized to an extent where we seldom give attention to traditions and values. We keep on shaping ourselves in a way that we keep up with the trends of the time and are able to call ourselves ‘modernized’ rather than ‘traditional.’

While it is good to evolve with the passing times and keep pace with the on-going trends of the society but cutting off from your roots or leaving behind culture and morals is not at all appreciated.

The habits of healthy habits also suggest that we remain attached to the ground and thereby fly high in the sky as that would keep us grounded and increase our morals and values to a greater extent.

A joint family and a nuclear family have their own kind of advantages and disadvantages which we should know in details before assuming which one is best.

Read on more to justify your thoughts:

Joint family

Joint family
Joint family

Well, a joint family is not like having your parents and children at the same house (it should be like this anyway), but it means having the whole bunch of family together under one roof.

The joint family is basically an age-old tradition where close family members lived under one roof, shared the same kitchen and sanitation and enjoyed them to the fullest in every occasion.

From the elders to the young ones of the house, everyone enjoys their time together when living in joint family. But there are some side effects of it as well; like you cannot have much of your personal space when you want to be in solitude, you cannot eat or drink according to your own will, or you cannot even do anything for your immediate family without involving others. Plus the opinions of all always exist in the aggregation of so many members.

Nuclear family

Nuclear family
Nuclear family

Today, most of the people mainly in the urban area prefer to stay in nuclear families which consists only their spouses and children. They love to enjoy their freedom and space and do not like much interference in their lives.

They consider it one of the healthy habits for a healthy life to avoid unnecessary drama and problems in their lives. It is right in a way, but when they need someone for help in an emergency condition, they lack the presence of their dear ones, and that is indeed painful at times.

The closure

In our entire journey of life, we come across many people. Some of them dig a deeper connection and place in our heart while some arrive just to leave.’ While in the midst of so many relationships and people, the one thing that remains constant all our life is our ‘family’ and we cannot in any sense think of cutting ties with them.

As for the habits of healthy living, it also suggests that people who remain close to their family members are more likely to live a happy and healthy life as compared to those who live a secluded life. Thus, the importance of family is a pre-requisite in everybody’s life but whether to live in congression or in separation, which entirely depends on one’s mentality.

Hopefully, the ideas mentioned above would help you justify your thoughts in choosing between joint family and nuclear family stays.

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