Fun team building activities reap rewards for businesses who take the time to develop employees thoroughly. Team building is one area of development that is easily overlooked. As a business leader, you attain many benefits from incorporating team building exercises and activities of a fun nature into your company culture.

Benefits of Fun Team Building Exercises

When colleagues are forced to work on a project outside the scope of their usual job duties, they relax and let their guard down. After all, no one will be fired for not solving the scavenger hunt the fastest. When walls are removed, people engage in creative, more relaxed exchanges seeking solutions to the entertaining task at hand. Co-workers realize they are part of a team with a variety of ideas that can help solve problems. The result is greater trust and stronger connections amongst employees when they return to their daily work tasks with improved productivity.

Ideas for Fun Team Building Activities

We know how busy leaders and senior management can be, so coming up with ideas for entertaining team building exercises can be stressful. There are professional organisations who specialise in improving and restoring teamwork in a fun manner, and range from team building activities, work functions or full day workshops.

Each recreational exercise will often have its own focus, challenges and thrills designed to build and enhance teamwork, morale, workplace culture, team performance, problem solving skills and trust. Catering packages may also be included in your package ensuring your team has a full tummy and won’t go hungry. Employees will also get a thrill and appreciate their employer has provided food and beverages for the fun filled day.

Fun Seeking Thought Starters

Indoor Rock Climbing

Mobilize your team to develop their coaching skills, goal-setting processes and creative problem-solving expertise with this intensive team challenge. Your team members will pair up, one person on belay, supporting and observing the climber, providing the type and amount of help the climber needs—the other in a harness scaling the wall. This dynamic carries over to the workplace in the form of strong mutual support and trust.

Bounce Benefits

Employees will be set to soar with a smile on their face in a trampoline performance area at a specialist team building location. Olympic grade performance trampolines are the most wonderful place to practice backflips, cartwheels and learn some new tricks which will really let any inhibitions down amongst team members and bring out the inner child in them all. Colleagues will able to learn aerial stunts too with many team building organisations teaching your staff how to somersault and twist and turn in the air. Qualified trampoline coaches will turn your team into aerial superstars! You can even play each other with Bounce Basketball – which is actually playing basketball on trampolines!

Tug Of War

Another popular fun activity many team building specialists implement, is the good old fashioned tug of war where your team members form into two teams and fight to tug the opposing team across the finish line. Strength, endurance and determination from all participants is required for the winning team to take all!

Fun Team Building Activities Improves Company Morale

Fun and enjoyable team-building exercises in the form of group outings are meant to be merrymaking and engaging for everyone. Even strange team-building exercises, such as building a contraption to catch an egg from a 4-foot drop without it breaking, seem humorous at face value. However, the creative solutions come with amusing ideas, often laughter and a combined competitive spirit. These moments overflow into the work environment, giving people a connection and improving overall company morale. Great morale leads to improved productivity.

For improved company camaraderie, see how you can implement fun team building activities into your workplace and both you and your staff will reap the benefits!

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