You probably knew you could use essential oils for your bath. Aah; they make it smell sooo gorgeous! But did you know you could also substitute cosmetics with essential oils? Did you know you could make a perfume for your home with these precious liquids? Did you know you could also use them for cleaning?

Essential oils have multiple purposes. But be careful; you cannot just open a bottle and splash it onto your face. These are very concentrated and strong. There’s a right and there’s a wrong way to use them.

We’ll suggest 5 essential oils for you to try.

1. Peppermint

Menthol, the active component of peppermint oil, gives you quite a refreshing sensation.

l You can add few drops in hot bath water and enjoy the aroma!

l If you add few drops of this oil in your shampoo, it will stimulate your scalp to prevent hair loss.

l Peppermint oil is great for massages. Add few drops in your vegetable oil complex and use your luxurious home-made oil for a post-workout massage.

l If you’re making your own cleaning products, add peppermint oil in them. It’s great because of its scent, but it also has disinfection properties.

2. Lemon

Imagine a refreshing and stimulating morning shower that wakes you up! Lemon is the first thought that comes to mind. But that’s not all this oil is good for. Lemongrass can also be combined with tea tree to get a natural spray, DIY mosquito repellent.

l Use a couple of drops of lemon essential oil on a cotton ball and drop it in the garbage can. It will eliminate the bad odor.

l Dissolve few drops in water, put it in a spraying bottle, and use it as a homemade room freshener.

l If you add a single drop of lemon essential oil in your facial mask, it will do a great job at clearing your skin.

l If the essential oil is labeled for dietary use, you can add few drops in all kinds of baked goods.

3. Tea Tree

If you’re about to start using these precious oils, tea tree will be the first one on your list.

l If you go camping, this oil will be great for repelling (and killing) insects, such as ants, mosquitoes, and spiders. Add a few drops in your carrier oil (which can be almond or coconut oil) and apply to your skin to prevent insect bites.

l Tea tree oil is one of the most effective treatments for fungal infections. Drop a few drops of your carrier oil on a cotton ball and add a couple of drops of tea tree oil. Rub the oil on the affected surface twice a day. Always wear clean socks after the treatment.

4. Lavender

It’s the smell of La Provence, everybody!

l Lavender oil is awesome for relieving backache and pain the muscles. Just dilute a few drops in a carrier oil and use it for a nice massage.

l Due to its antimicrobial properties, this essential oil is great for healing injuries. Add a few drops on a cotton pad and apply it on the cut or wound.

l It’s great for treating fungal infections, too. Use it in the same way you use tea tree oil for that purpose. You can also combine the oils together.

l Lavender is great for relieving stress and anxiety. There’s scientific evidence that lavender is effective in relieving neurological disorders. Just rub a few drops of the oil between your palms and inhale the relaxing scent.

5. Eucalyptus

You have to be careful with this oil, since it can be toxic when ingested. When used properly, however, its benefits are immense.

l Eucalyptus oil is great for relieving sinus congestion. Just add a few drops to hot water, close your eyes and inhale the steam.

l Add few drops of the oil in coconut oil or beeswax, and use the preparation for a pain-relieving body massage.

l This is the greatest disinfectant. Add few drops in water or your homemade natural cleanser. If you have a sauna, spray it all over with the water-based solution. It will keep it fresh and clean.

With these five suggestions, you’re ready to start your journey in the world of essential oils. Be careful; you might get addicted!

Author’s Bio: Silvia Woolard is a writer at UkBestEssays and novice entrepreneur from Phoenix. In a free time she writes and works in a field of popular psychology and marketing. Read Silvia at her Twitter.

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