With winter coming up, many are looking for a way to stay warm, yet be cool at the same time.

Thanks to the choice of many adult beverages and cocktails this holiday season ranging from vodka, champagne, wine and beer, one has many options on how to get their alcoholic fix. If you are looking for something very different, cool and refreshing, this holiday season then perhaps a Buzz Pop Cocktail may be just what you need.

Buzz Pop Cocktails, which are fresh fruit gourmet Italian sorbets infused with premium liquors and  packaged in a cool no-mess retro-style push-pop, is set to become all the rage in winter getaway spots such as Las Vegas pool bars, Miami hot spots and places such as cruise lines, pool side resorts, spring break resorts, sporting venues and huge festivals.

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Whether you are lounging in South Beach, poolside in Las Vegas or partying in Daytona Beach, Buzz Pop Cocktails will be everywhere to be seen at, party hard with and have a cool and refreshing treat.

Aimed at Millennial party-goers, Buzz Pop Cocktails offers one a chance to “Lick Their Way To Paradise” thanks to coming in 60-plus rotating flavors based on fresh fruits. All-natural with 12 to 15 percent alcohol, Buzz Pops are made with fresh fruits, no artificial flavors and are vegan-friendly, gluten and fat-free and less than 100 calories.

Set to present themselves at the Crowd Invest Summit and host a huge private VIP cocktail party in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills this coming December, and launch in Febuary of 2017, Buzz Pop Cocktails just inked a five-year $20 million global licensing deal.

Things are definitely looking up for the hottest—and coolest—name brand in the party scene today, and one reason for the rise of Buzz Pop Cocktails is Managing Partner and CEO, Joseph Isaacs.

A former real estate mogul at Smart and Handy Renovations LLC of Florida, the Deer Park, New York-born and Tampa Bay-based Isaacs, alongside his son, Jason and executive chef, Eric Kroeker have helped bring Buzz Pop Cocktails to the proverbial precipice of business coolness combined with an entrepreneurial and hip marketing savvy.

A self-described serial entrepreneur and marketing guru, the 60-year-old Isaacs is what defines today’s modern-day businessman.

Below is a Q and A with Joseph in which we talk about the growth of Buzz Pop Cocktails, branding, marketing and what it takes to be an entrepreneur in today’s Millennial era.

(Buzz Pop Cocktails CEO Joseph Isaacs)
(Buzz Pop Cocktails CEO Joseph Isaacs)

R.C. What inspired you to create Buzz Pop Cocktails?

J.I. “Buzz Pop cocktails is a chef-inspired product developed by my son Jason and our Executive Chef Eric Kroeker. Jason had been looking to become an entrepreneur and when combining talents with his friend Eric they together were able to create the formula and proprietary, patent pending, process to create Buzz pops.”

R.C. It seems that you have tapped into a unique and untapped market in party cities such as Miami and Las Vegas, what are your future plans for expansion and brand awareness?

J.I. “Initially, our brand will launch in Las Vegas and then expand to Miami. When we come to Florida we will target not only the millennial crowd but also the spring breakers from Daytona Beach to Key West as well as the Florida panhandle.

Our further expansion includes large festivals like EDC in Las Vegas & Coachella in California as well as sporting arenas throughout the warm climates. Additionally, we are currently in negotiations for a global licensing deal starting with Australia & New Zealand. We envision other such deals during 2017 which will turn us into a huge global brand.

Our uniqueness makes us stand out. Buzz Pop™ Cocktails are a fresh and invigorating twist on two very popular summer items: sorbets + premium liquors. The Company’s no mess, retro style, see through push-pops are perfect for pool bars, night clubs, high-end restaurants, Las Vegas day clubs, concerts, sporting venues, Cruise Lines and massive parties.

This brand of specialty, alcohol based, frozen desserts will allow adults of legal drinking age to “Lick your way to Paradise” with each Buzz Pop containing the equivalent of a full drink (10-15% alcohol per volume).

Buzz Pops™ are all-natural, gourmet sorbets made exclusively with fresh fruits and premium liquors. No artificial flavors, coloring or added high fructose. Buzz Pops™ are gluten free, vegan, fat-free and under 100 calories.

Buzz Pops has created almost 60 different items of which some will be seasonal.


R.C. “Do you see Buzz Pop becoming bigger since it is a combination of sorbet and liquor?”

J.I. “We see Buzz Pops becoming global in the next 2 years. We have also developed a similar process too for alcohol infused Italian Gelatos as well as our line of alcohol-infused Sorbets”


R.C. What is your target demographic, and how do you plan on reaching out to them?

J.I. “Our target demographic is the millennial crowd 21-35 male and female. Reaching our target market is easy when the product is only sold at pool bars, sporting arenas, outdoor festivals and on cruise lines. Those target markets have a captive audience.

Buzz Babes will pass out samples at our massive epic launch parties like the one currently being planned for Rehab pool bar at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. Once people try one they will come back for more. Our product sampling over the last 6 months has proven the need.”


R.C. Describe the collective vision that you, Jason and Eric have for Buzz Pop?

J.I. “The founders of Buzz Pop Cocktails envision our brand as a global brand being manufactured by us in the USA for distribution throughout the states and then the formation of multiple licensing deals to expand outside of our borders thereby bringing the brand to such places as the UK, Ibiza, China, the Pacific Rim like Bora Bora, Fiji Islands Australia and New Zealand, Hawaii, etc.”


R.C. How have the notable celebrity endorsements and strategic alliances with the likes of Kevin Harrington, The Battle Continues charity, Winky Wright and Forbes Riley helped with Buzz Pop’s name and exposure?

J.I. “Our celebrity exposure is just beginning. By the time our launch party is over in Las Vegas (February 2017) we anticipate having a longer list of celebrity endorsements. Kevin Harrington is helping the company expand globally and his equity in Buzz Pops has enabled us to tap into his vast resources for connections which includes our Australian partners/licensees.

Winky Wright is using his celebrity clout to get us lots of things in Las Vegas. We partnered with the Battle Continues because we believe in giving back and Dr. Bose’s charity is the only one we found whereby 100% of donations go to the veterans. Celebrity endorsements for the product help us get into places and resonate with our target audience.”



R.C. Who are the Buzz Babes, and what are their roles at Buzz Pop Cocktails?

J.I. “The Buzz Babes are a team of beautiful models that will travel with us to our launch parties and on the Buzz babe cruise in 2017. They are a team of brands ambassadors that will promote the brand in person at events as well as online through their social media following.”


R.C. What advice would you give other businessmen and entrepreneurs hoping to do their thing?

J.I. “My advice is simple

(1) Follow your dream;

(2) Don’t be afraid to fail. Successful people have all failed but those that persevere are the ones that truly achieve financial freedom;

(3) Have a real plan;

(4) Surround yourself with winners and don’t be afraid to ask a mentor for advice;

(5) Build a team of like-minded individuals; and

(6) Make certain all of your legal work is done effectively”

Special thanks to Joseph for his time in contributing to the interview, Follow Buzz Pop Cocktails on Twitter @BuzzPopCocktail, on Facebook @Buzzpopcocktails on Instagram @Buzzpopcocktails and on YouTube here.




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