Josh Norman and Richard Sherman: The Greatest Secondary

Josh Norman and Richard Sherman together?
Josh Norman - CB, Washington Redskins, Richard Sherman - CB, Seattle Seahawks

When it comes to CBs, there are not many better than Josh Norman and Richard Sherman. They are two of the best shutdown corners in the game at this time. What would happen if we placed them on the same team? Could we consider that the best secondary to play the game?

The Washington Redskins signed Josh Norman in 2016. They did so after the Carolina Panthers removed the franchise tag that they had placed on him. The Redskins knew that he would be an immediate upgrade and went after him. He signed a 5-yr $75 million deal on April 22, 2016. The deal made him the highest-paid CB in the league.

Even with Josh Norman at CB, the Washington Redskins had issues defending the pass. They were not that strong on opposite side. So teams would tend to go away from Norman. In fact, the Redskins were a historically bad franchise when it came to third down conversions. They could not get off the field. Even with one of the best in the game on their side.

Ideally, there is a need for more help. Over the weekend, a report surfaced. It was about a possibly innocent meeting between Washington Redskins Head Coach, Jay Gruden, and Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman. They met in the lobby of a hotel while Sherman was town for a charity event. The Sherman entourage was at the next table.

The last time an entire entourage was in town was for the Norman signing. Now, I am not indicating that this is going to happen. However, just think about it. Richard Sherman and Josh Norman in the same defensive backfield.

Both players shutting down receivers like Kenny Britt, Dez Bryant, Odell Beckham Jr., and others. It would definitely make game planning against the Washington Redskins most difficult. It would also allow the Redskins defensive coordinator to be a lot more creative. He could rely more on coverage and be able to blitz to get to the QB. In addition, neither player is afraid to tackle. Therefore, run support will be at a premium.

Now, of course, placing these two together is somewhat of a dream. A dream to have a respectable defense. Finally to be at the top. Putting Richard Sherman alongside Josh Norman would make this happen.

So as a fan I can dream. The possibilities seem endless. However, as a journalist, the probabilities of it not happening is a harsh reality.

With one move. With a couple of draft picks and maybe a young corner in return, the Washington Redskins could have the best secondary in the game today. They could possibly have the best CBs to play together on the same team at the same time.

How would you feel about Richard Sherman and Josh Norman on the same team? Please leave your comments below.

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