Are you in a long distance relationship and finding it a little challenging to keep both of you engaged in activities that feels like a date? Well, dating in a LDR is tough, as the majority of time you two end up spending is in different locations, countries, and time zones. It means going on a date in person will have to wait. BUT… it doesn’t mean you have to keep waiting to experience that fun and togetherness of a date altogether! With some creative and engaging long distance date ideas, you can spice things up and feel closer than ever.

So here we are with a list of interesting and exciting things to do in a long distance relationship. Let’s get started:

1:- Watch Your Favorite Movie Together

We know your partner lives away and that’s the sole reason you are here for help. Well, distance doesn’t have to be the reason of you two not doing something as classic as watching your favorite movie together. Even better – there are some sites that let you watch videos simultaneously! Or you can sync the time when both of you are interested in a cozy movie time. It need not be a romantic movie always – just something you both love. You can even use the speakerphone, Skype, or FaceTime to make the experience alive when watching any movie together.

2:- Cook Your Favorite Dish Together

Is there something that both of you use to eat together every time you went on a date? Why not cook it? Bring your laptop in the kitchen  and enjoy a quality time making that meal together as you two virtually look at each other throughout the session. To make it more romantic and date-like, dress well, plan some flowers and candles in the area. Sometimes, these little touches can go a long way!

3:- Play Together

Do you love to play games? Why not try it together!

You will find a couple of entertaining games that you can play with your special someone for an energetic and playful date night. There are some websites that offer such customized games meant specifically for long distance couples who are interested in friendly competition. No matter a board game to relive the childhood or card games for adults – you can get inspiration from so many LDR date ideas to plan a game date night to keep your ahead of the distance.

4:- Workout Together

Wanna keep your LDR fit and healthy apart from cozy and loving? Well, you two can keep each other and yourself healthy by resolving to exercise together. From talking on Bluetooth while running setting time for push-ups and using different apps to track each other’s progress, working out together lets both of you stay fine and sound while spending some quality time together.

5:- Join an Online Class

If a couple loves learning, there’s nothing better than giving a shot to online courses that both of them can join together no matter how far they live. So whether it’s something like learning a new language or brushing up your technical skills in web designing or so – you can connect with your partner on a DEEPER level by learning new things.

So now you know there are so many things to do in a long relationship that can keep the bond going stronger with every little efforts you take.



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