It’s the new fashion reality, and we’re thirsty for every second of it.

Editor’s note

There’s hardly ever a moment in our fashion life or Instagram browse when we don’t end up checking up on the youngest Jenner socialite, Kylie Jenner; even though she is not even twenty (20), this Jenner Princess has made an army of eager followers and a name for herself that’s more of a brand than a simple birth certificate trade.

Even though her one-year-older sister Kendall is walking world catwalks, collaborating with names like Estee  Lauder, Oliver Rousteing (and many, many others) all while getting Anna Wintour’s approval, Kylie is the one selling the Jenner name – and, we’re obsessively buying it.

The reality of Kylie, we don’t know; in fact, we’ve been getting so much of her fake, posed life that we’ve grown accustomed to it, so much so that we’ve accepted it for show. Even though this sharp dressed Hollywood A-lister has said on multiple occasions her reality doesn’t really match her Snapchat and Instagram “appearances”, suggesting she is way more open, warm and lovely than she lets the world know, we’ve never had the chance to see it – not in the show (Keeping Up with the Kardashians), not on the social media.

And in all honesty – we’re not even sure we care. Kylie’s worshipers have long ago gone past the “I want her as a friend” faze and clicked into “I want her style (and her money) sense” mode. Even before the fake pout made headlines, it was evident her style was different to the Kardashian kitsch, we’ve grown to appreciate for effect over the years and we’ve had a feeling she’ll be bringing something else to the table. And she did.

Here, a breakdown of her style tricks we can copycat and wear as our own:

Ongoing Diversity

Style Secrets by Kylie Jenner

For everyone who’s been following Kylie, it’s clear that diversity is her fashion religion – from lay-low sportswear outfits (which tend to be way more chic than your gym outfit) to glamorous, always-flawless garments (except for that one time when she had her chest wrongly contoured), Kylie never stops dabbling with different fashion trends and experimenting; this may be why she’s repeatedly getting us so riled up and excited.

With the body and money she’s got, as well as the looks she’s phenomenally altered to beat her genetic predisposition to unsightly, Kyle is giving fashion risk a whole new dimension – with her, it’s all about breaking boundaries. Next time you are putting together an outfit, don’t go for the expected variant; put together items you never thought you would and channel a Kylie – it may pay off.

Sportswear Chic

In the midst of athleisure wear wave, Kylie’s exercising her right to add a little glam to it (and even make a few bucks doing it). Exploring her growing affinity for sneakers, Jenner’s signed collaboration with Puma, making the brand just one of the most popular sportswear in the world.

And it’s not just that.

Somehow, she’s managed to turn plain black leggings into a statement piece and when she pairs it with a bomber jacket or a lace cardigan, it’s an explosion of overwhelmingness.

In fact, in this aspect – Kylie’s no different to other young divas of Hollywood like Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Cara Delevingne and others who are wearing their style crown with their tights. We hate it but we love it.

Glamour on point

Style Secrets by Kylie Jenner

Kylie’s party style is what we’re really crushing over; her birthday outfits were our dream garment selection and each of her red carpet appearances makes us drool all over our 5$ shirts. The glitz, the glam, plunging necklines, killer heels and even menswear pieces by Saint-Laurent clothes are everything.

And it’s not even that hard to spot her favorite designers; her superb appreciation of Saint Laurent is evident even in her everyday outings (she was just recently spotted with an adorable Laurent tote bag the internet went crazy over), let alone in her A-list appearances (like when she hit the Peninsula Hotel rooftop in a pair of breathtaking Saint Laurent lace-up pumps to celebrate the Kendall + Kylie capsule collection, produced exclusively for Neiman Marcus).

She is sweet on a few other designers, too – depending on her mood. Stay tuned.

Makeup Flawless

Always. From matte lip kits to glittering eye shadows and fake lashes, Kylie’s got a gift to turn flaw into flaw-less. Duct tape for a cateye? We’d never thought of it ourselves. And even when she’s showing her contour-hidden freckles, we love it.

Throw in a few colorful wigs in the game, and you’ve got yourself a show. It’s spectacular what this girl can do. Good luck copying Kylie style; it might even work.