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Ladies, Find Out What Your Lingerie Drawer Must Definitely Have!

Lingerie is one part of women’s inner wear that depends on the outer wear. What kind of bra or panty you choose to wear, will depend on what kind of outfit you plan to wear for the day. For the independent, busy woman of today’s century, it’s important to be ready for anything and everything

You should be equipped with all the lingerie essentials, so you don’t have to think twice before donning that strapless red dress or the little black dress. Here’s what your lingerie drawer must definitely have.

1. Underwired T-Shirt Bras

Comfortable underwired t-shirt bras are important for every girl for daily use. It’s the best option for comfortable daily t-shirts, dresses, shirts, blouses etc. Own them in different colours so that you have a variety to wear under the different coloured tops and dresses that you own.

2. Wireless Bras

While underwire bras are important for the outfits that you wear outside of home and to work, wireless bras are necessary for when you’re lounging around at home. They are much more comfortable than underwire bras and there are days when you just don’t feel like wearing an underwire bra, so you need the backup of wireless bras.

3. Push Up Bras

These are what you need to make yourself feel good and give your defining neckline dresses an edge to flaunt. They give great support and go really well with dresses where you want to highlight your body shape.

4. White and Nude Coloured Bras

The need of white and nude coloured bras cannot be expressed enough. Every girl owns a couple of whites and you cannot wear a coloured bra under it. So you must definitely own a couple of white or nude coloured bras. These can also be worn under coloured tops and dresses, so it’ll come in handy with more than just white attires.

5. Sports Bra

Do not make the mistake of wearing your usual, daily wear bras when you hit the gym or go for a jog. Get yourself a nice pair of sports bra so that you are not uncomfortable and can enjoy your exercise without any stress. It’s very important that you own a pair of sports bra for your sporty days.

6. Cotton Knickers

When it comes to panties, you must own a pair of cotton knickers for everyday use. You won’t be wearing G-strings and thongs everyday. For the days you’re feeling lazy and not that sexy, you would find these cotton knickers to be really comfortable. So keep a pair of these handy in your lingerie drawer.

7. Seamless

These are another important pair of panties you want to own to wear under body hugging dresses, skirts, shorts etc. Seamless panties do not show any panty lines on the outside, so the look of your dress will remain intact without any ugly lines.

8. Thongs and G- Strings

While these are not very comfortable or the everyday choice of ladies, a couple of these will help you spice things up and feel sexy on special days.

9. Lingerie Sets

A matching bra and panty set is a must have in every girl’s lingerie drawer. These are for the days you just want to feel good about yourself and feed the confidence of your inner self.


Different bras and panties have been designed to be worn under different kinds of attires and serve different purposes. It’s always better to have a variety of lingerie in your closet so that you are equipped with the right kind for the right outfit for each day.

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