One of the most important things for anyone injured in a personal injury case to understand is that personal injury lawsuits have their own set of myths that many people believe just because they heard it from a friend. Here is a list of some top seven myths about personal injury lawsuits.


1. You don’t need to hire a lawyer if you have insurance

The fact is that without a lawyer, you may not get all the available benefits from your insurance company. A lawyer can make sure you receive everything you are entitled to, including medical care, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages.

Insurance companies have teams of lawyers who specialize in making sure they don’t pay out as much money on claims as they can get away with paying. At Nicoletti Walker Accident Injury Lawyers, they want you to understand that the role of a personal injury lawyer is more than obtaining fair compensation for your injuries from an insurance company.


2. You have unlimited time to file a claim

You need to know the deadlines for filing claims following an accident to make sure your information is timely and correctly filled out. It may take some research, but it is something important that many people don’t consider until it’s too late.


3. Personal injury lawsuits take a long time to win

It would help if you had an attorney who has experience working with insurance companies and can make sure they pay fair compensation for your injuries to get better faster, which in turn leads to a lesser amount of time spent in court.


4. Personal injury lawyers are greedy

The truth is that most personal injury lawyers are just trying to get their clients the best possible compensation they deserve for the injuries they have sustained. The attorney works on a contingency fee basis, and the only money that your lawyer takes out of the case goes to paying out of pocket expenses. Most personal injury lawyers will not take a percentage before all funds are recovered from your insurance company.


5. If your injuries are minor, it’s not worth talking to a lawyer

Even if you think you don’t have a big case, it is worth talking to a lawyer about your injuries. A lawyer can make sure your insurance company is paying for your damages. Sometimes, insurance companies will offer to settle the case quickly before they know they face an attorney who knows how to demand fair compensation for their clients.


6. The insurance company wants to be fair

The truth is that insurance companies are just like the rest of us, trying to get what they want from the situation. They want to pay as little as possible for your injuries and medical care. Insurance companies sometimes try to hold your medical records for months before releasing them to your injury lawyer.


7. You’ll have to make court appearances

The truth is that many personal injury claims are settled before they get to court because most people don’t have time to deal with the court.

In conclusion, these myths about personal injury lawsuits should help you understand that not all lawyers are out to get as much money from their clients as possible. The reality is that they are responsible for ensuring you get all of the money you deserve for your injuries.



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