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LeBron James Rumors: Tea Leaves Pointing To The King Staying In “The Land?

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While it is all speculation until he makes his ultimate decision, could LeBron James be possibly staying in Cleveland?

With a June 29th deadline right around the corner, there has been widespread speculation that James, who recently finished second in NBA MVP voting to James Harden of the Houston Rockets, and has also been linked to a possible move to either the Los Angeles Lakers or the Philadelphia 76ers, May be leaning towards a return to the CLE.

With media reports emanating out of Cleveland that the Cavs have the best chance of returning him, combined with the San Antonio Spurs unwillingness to deal All-Star Kawhi Leonard to the rival Los Angeles Lakers-admits the mounting pressure internally, per media reports–and Paul George “leaning” towards signing a extension to stay with the Oklahoma City Thunder, signs are pointing towards LBJ potentially signing a one and one deal with the Cavaliers.

Again, this is pure speculation right now, but if Leonard is not dealt to the Lakers and George stays in OKC, then James will stay in Cleveland, as it has become known that it is between the Lakers and Cavs for The King.

Only time will tell, and the clock is ticking.

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