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Liberty Lad’s Conservative Corner: Episode 27

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Editor’s note:┬áLiberty Lad’s Conservative Corner is the views of solely Liberty Lad and not Inscriber Mag.

In today’s episode of Liberty Lad’s Conservative Corner, Liberty┬áLad breaks down Mike Lee and Ted Cruz’s letter to the State Department questioning the legality of the 400 million dollar payment to Iran. Milwaukee is in deep crisis as rioters have risen to protest violently the shooting of a young black teen carrying an illegally purchased firearm, by another black officer, no less. A reminder to ALL Americans: Law and order stand as an unshakable contract of society. Without law or order, a society cannot function, and the constitutional republic is lost.

Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, two staunchly conservatives and defenders of the constitution, have taken matters into their hands in holding the State Department accountable. A list of questions was written to challenge the legality and legitimacy of the air-shipped four hundred million dollars to the Iranians. Because Iran, the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism, is developing its ICBM programs and building up its nuclear programs, this move should be considered scary to most, if not all, Americans.

Some of Sen. Cruz and Lee’s questions and demands to the State Department include:

  • Describe in detail each step of the transaction that resulted in the payment of $400 million in cash to the Iranian government, and who specifically received the payment on behalf of Iran.
  • Identify the United States and Iran officials responsible for negotiating, authorizing, and carrying out the transaction.
  • Provide a detailed explanation on whether the payment violated federal law.
  • How much more does the United States government have to pay to settle the supposed “agreement”?
  • Explain why it was necessary to pay in non-United-States currency.

Milwaukee is in a state of turmoil with the Black Lives Matter movement in full force. It is important to remember that law and order are two inseparable parts to a social contract that upholds the structure of society. Without law and order, constitutional republics like our face the threat of falling apart. That is why it is necessary for young people to learn about following the rules of the land to uphold life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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