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Lifestyle: A Good Spin Bike Can Change Your Life

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By Stacy Grace

Life can be demanding nowadays. Most of us are avid multitaskers. We juggle regular work, our hobbies, managing kids and paying bills. No wonder, health, and fitness take a back seat during our daily routines. We are either going somewhere or doing something all the while.

As a result, we have to face usual complaints from our bodies. We get terrible back pains; our legs cramp when we sleep, and we get splitting headaches by the time our week reaches Thursday. Our weekends go into drinking, hogging on junk food and working a bit extra for added money.

15 minutes to a great body

What if we could tell you, you need to give 15 minutes per day, to get rid of the new paunch, cellulitis in your hips and thighs and tone your calves? You can get rid of the ungodly flatulence, the terrible back pains, and midnight Charlie horses by doing a small exercise.

Hop on the spin bike with us. Invest in a good quality spin bike. The best spinning bikes offer varying resistances and weights of the flywheel. Make sure; your bike is adjustable. Most of us do not have the time to hit a gym, and our homes remain packed with knickknacks from the time we were born. Therefore, you need a spin bike that can fold and adjust into small spaces. You should be able to detach it and reattach it, if not fold it up and push it under your bed.

Always ask an expert

You may want to check out YouTube videos from our experts to find the most useful positions for you. You need to adjust the pedals, so the widest portion of your feet central on them adjust seat height, so your knees remain at an angle of 25-35 degrees. Change the handles, so they are comfortable.

Spin bikes, ellipticals, and cross-trainers are ideal for a fast weight solution. Treadmills are slowly fading from the fitness scene due to their adverse effect on knee joints. Giving 15 minutes on these will help you feel healthier by the end of one week. Gradually increase the resistance and the difficulty. You do not necessarily have to increase your workout time. Just increasing the difficulty is sometimes enough to train your body better.

Word of caution

Most of these machines help in training your core muscles along with your legs and your arms. You can get a complete body workout thanks to these body-friendly, fitness products. If you have old injuries, always consult a personal fitness trainer before taking up intensive workouts like these. They are highly effective for many, but if you have old knee injuries or ankle, injuries are sure to consult a GP before hopping on your spin bike.

Author Bio: Stacy Grace is a personal trainer and fitness blogger. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter. She has done some best spinning bikes reviews. To find out which equipment you should buy, follow our blog, closely!

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