Before you send out beautiful rustic wedding invitations requesting that family and friends join you and your beloved in celebrating your nuptials in 2022, it’s worth thinking about how you can make your wedding extra special and unique.

If you’re in need of some creative inspiration, here are 6 of the hottest wedding trends in 2022…

  1. Weekday Weddings

As many couples chose to postpone their wedding during pandemic hit 2020 and 2021, the wedding industry is now facing a huge backlog. As a result, it’s become a trend to favor a weekday wedding, over the traditional Friday or Saturday nuptials. Getting hitched any day between Monday-Thursday is more likely to offer you plenty of flexibility in terms of booking the perfect wedding venue, and supplier and vendor services, as well as saving you money.

Although a weekday wedding may require your guests to make extra effort – for example: getting time off work, and arranging childcare – in order to be able to attend your wedding, your stylish rustic wedding invitations will be able to persuade them that they will be missing the event of the year if they don’t show up.

If your dream DIY wedding is a small and intimate affair, you’re less likely to experience any problems with your VIP guest list, as family and close friends will be delighted to make arrangements to join you at such an exclusive event.

2. Garden Weddings

Celebrating your special day in the comfort of your own back garden is definitely one 2022 wedding trend that may well inspire your engaged friends to follow suit.

It’s not essential to have scrawling acres to accommodate VIP guests and relatives, in a romantic shabby chic DIY wedding. With a little imagination and some stylish décor accessories, it’s possible to transform just about any size of outdoor space into an enchanted garden.

Work with what you have, and enhance the wow factor by adding decorative elements to your garden. If you want a romantic fairytale setting make sure that you’re surrounded by lush greenery that you can embellish with strings of glowing fairy lights and a stunning canopy of twinkling lights (another of the hottest 2022 trends!). The mood you create will be dreamy, relaxed and romantically atmospheric.

Your personalised rustic wedding invitations can easily replicate the theme with botanical borders, flower crowns and garlands, to give your guests a hint of your enchanted garden theme.

3. Destination Wedding Styling

A large number of couples that once dreamed of having a destination wedding have chosen to tweak their plans in favour of a wedding at home that features destination inspired styling.

Just because you’re hesitant in travelling, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have an unforgettable and magical wedding day with all of the trimmings. It really is possible to transform any venue with a little imagination and fabulous décor, accessories and props.

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding in the spring or summer, you can go to town by creating a lavish and elegant Tuscan or glamorous Ibiza themed ceremony. Striking Moroccan or Arabic lounge style décor is perfect for adding destination detail to an indoor wedding reception. You can also extend the travel theme to your wedding flowers, wedding cake, music and menu.

4. Nature Inspired Decorative Details

To beautifully complement your charming rustic wedding invitations, you can easily incorporate the 2022 wedding trend of showing off gorgeous nature inspired decorative details.

Hand-painted floral prints and nature inspired embroidery is set to be a fashion favourite for couples who want to celebrate their marriage in a trendy way. You can display your favourite motifs and appliqués on all of the elements of your personalised wedding stationery, and also feature it on wedding reception décor accessories like candles, tablecloths, napkins, chair covers, candles etc. Blushing brides can also have flora embroidered on their stunning wedding gown, and the bridesmaid dresses.

5. Cake Arches

If you’re looking for a fashionable way to elevate the glamour and style of your expensive bespoke wedding cake, look no further than cake arches. The custom made oversize hoops are designed to beautifully frame your multi-tiered wedding cake, so that it instantly becomes an epic focal point.

You can decorate the cake arch with fresh flowers that match your hand-tied bouquet, dried foliage or evergreens, or use other creative accessories. If you prefer a more a modern, minimalist vibe, you can make a style statement by the material and colour that you choose for your custom-made cake arch.

6. A Riot Of Vibrant Colours

The palette of wedding colours on display says a great deal about the happy couple’s personality, confidence and style. To stand out from the crowds, many couples are choosing to celebrate their marriage in a riot of bold and vibrant colour.

It’s out with the soft pastels and muted tones that have been popular for ages, and in with splashes and pops of colours that are bang on-trend. Pantone’s hot new colour of 2022 – a dynamic shade of periwinkle blue with subtle red/violet undertones – beautifully complements spring and summer wedding seasons. Pinks, purples, coral rose and greeny-blues are zingy colours that you can definitely expect to see explode at 2022 weddings.

If your shabby chic rustic wedding invitations hint at an occasion that is a little more subdued and romantic, you always have the option to follow the Bridgerton-inspired wedding trend. Swap the bright and vivid colour palette for the softer blue signature shade of the Regency era.




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