Do you have a friend that is getting ready to get married? Maybe you are planning a guy’s weekend out. Whatever the situation is, there is no better destination than that of Denver, Colorado.

When most men think about Denver the first thing that comes to mind is the Rocky Mountains, hiking, camping, and clean, crisp air. Sure, all of these things are exciting and entertaining, but the might not be just what you are looking for in a guy’s weekend out.

So, if you don’t want to waste the entire weekend you can take advantage of the following references to truly take advantage of your weekend.

Enjoy A Good Round Of Golf: You really don’t have to partake in Denver escorts to show your male friends a good time in Denver. As mentioned-above Denver is all about the outdoors, and there is simply no better way to maximize the outdoor potential than by taking in a round or two of golf. Denver is absolutely full of city-run golf courses and you can play an entire course for the low price of ten dollars. This will not only ensure that you have enough money left over for some tasty refreshments, but you might actually come out cheaper than you planned in the long run.

Partake In The Coors Brewery: If you do any research on Denver whatsoever, you will quickly discover that the city is all about local craft beer. Not only do they have local craft beer, but they are also known to host some of the big manufactures as well. What guy doesn’t truly love beer and if you want to get some free beer while learning about the history of Coors, you can do so by partaking in the Coors Brewery tour. You will learn about the brewing process and get some tasty, free refreshments in the process.

PT’s Centerfold: If you are looking for some of the best Denver escorts in the area you should consider visiting PT’s Centerfold. This place might be a bit low key on the radar, but it is without a doubt awesome, the girls are very attractive, flirtatious, and you will simply not find more laidback security. In fact, the security has been gracious enough on many occasions to help the drunken patrons find their lost phones and wallets. Where else can you find this kind of hospitality?

Platinum 84: Platinum 84 at 8485 Umatilla Street features pool tables, DJ, skating rink, four stages, a bar, sexy girls, friendly staff, and dancing poles. As far as adult entertainment facilities go, Platinum 84 is considered one of the best in Denver. In fact, it has a high customer rating and most of the customers are frequent visitors of the club.

Midtowne Spa: Midtowne Spa at 2935 Zuni Street features indoor and outdoor seating areas, steam room, vending machines, STD testing, mixed beverages, swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), restaurant and live entertainment. While the club is specifically designed for men, the staff is always welcome to female visitors as well.

Diamond Cabaret: Diamond Cabaret at 1222 Glenarm Place features a restaurant, friendly staff, sexy entertainers, affordable admissions, bottle service reservations, autographs, live entertainment, private suites, cigars and mixed drinks. Diamond Cabaret is extremely popular among the locals.

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