If you are a dog lover and planning to have one, it would be good idea to know more about the breed you are considering. Are you thinking about owning a Weimaraner dog?

Well, it is a good idea but the point is you have to find out if the dog breed is favourable for you or not. Actually you know you must do your homework on a specific breed. If these dogs get bored, they would find something to engage themselves and you usually won’t like what they picked.

Why should you have one? The answer is quite simple; these are incredibly intelligent, loyal dogs that bond intensely with their owners. For some people, the depth of that bond, coupled with the distinct appearance of the breed, makes them the only dog breed to consider. You can find a distinct shine and glow in this breed. They look different than all other breeds.

But yes, there are two important things that a prospective owner must know about the Weimaraner. First of all, he has no “off” button and these dogs are not at all happy when left alone. these Weimaraner dogs would love nothing more than to spend the days hunting with you all day long that too every single day. if fail that, the dog would settle for obedience training, hiking, agility or participating in doglike sports, just as long as it denotes that he can stay active with you.

An apartment might not be their cup of tea: If you live in an apartment then Weimaraner might not be a right option for you. Exactly, these are the dogs who want to spend time in open and do a lot of digging. If you won’t be able to provide them with a lawn or garden area for all their childlike deeds, they might get irritated and annoyed. The point is that this breed is not at all suitable to apartment life. They need a house with a yard and an owner who would not scold them for digging up mice and moles.

Attachment is high: If you think that this breed gets attached with their owners then you are absolutely right. Separation anxiety is a grave issue in this breed. You would be surprised to know that a Weimaraner can even get so distraught when left to his own devices that he digs, barks, escapes and even wound them. These dogs can even be really stubborn, demanding, and hard to house-train. It might hurt you even more to know that this breed can frequently be a hazard to cats and other tiny pets. Similarly, if this breed does not get a lot of regular exercise, it can go really crazy.

Miscellaneous Factors about Weimaraner: The gorgeous coat of this breed is a snap to uphold, but it does sheds. And don’t forget that Weimaraner loves to play in water, and these creatures even drip abundant amounts it when they drink.

These dogs are talented escape artists. They excel at breaking out of inclusions, jumping over the fences and even figuring out how to open doors and gates. So, if you are planning to keep your beloved dog in a closed area, you might have to spy on it. Who knows you return and he would have unclenched the door and escaped!

It should also be kept in mind that Weimaraner has a mind of his own. It means he needs reliable training throughout his life to strengthen that you are the one in charge. You have to remind him every now and then that you are the owner and he has to follow you. Otherwise he might utilise his brain for other deeds.

Talking about the weight of these dogs, the Females weigh between fifty five to seventy pounds, whereas males can weigh in at eighty five pounds. So, if you are bringing one, make sure you have enough space for him to stay happy and contented. You cannot simply dump him or her in any corner of your house.

What should you name your Weimaraner? Well when it comes to Weimaraner names, it depends on the owner only. People come up with various names that suit their lifestyle and bond towards their dog. You can even look out for names that have everything to do with the features and activities of your beloved dog.

Don’t rush into giving your baby a name so soon because you might regret later on. It is good to keep in mind all the aspects that might matter. For example, these Weimaraner are mostly huge. You cannot give them a name like ‘Junior’ or ‘Tommy’. You have to come up with a name that suits their physique.

If you have a beautiful and gorgeous female Weimaraner, then how about giving your pet a name like ‘Bela’? Exactly, such a name is going to be really suitable. The name would enhance the presence of your beloved Weimaraner. Similarly you can also go for names like Jasmine.

If you love flowers then name like this would be an apt one. Of course you can go for another name too that is based on flowers. How about ‘lily’? It would be absolutely amazing right? Just imagine you are calling your Weimaraner by the name of lily or jasmine; would it sound so elegant and posh?

Similarly if you have a male Weimaraner then too you can go for names that sound good to you. You can pick names like Joe, Murphy, Blue, Yellow, Sasha, Victor, Robin, Leo and so on. These are the names that would go perfect with your Weimaraner. These names don’t depict any size or specific feature.

They are general and can be given to any Weimaraner having any sets of skills or habits. And the good part is that they sound really good and sophisticated. Just imagine you are calling your Weimaraner by the name of ‘Leo’. Wouldn’t it sound so graceful and powerful?

So, once you have decided that you would go for a Weimaraner for yourself; don’t forget to give it a perfect name!

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