Even with the best rated gun cleaning solvents, there is no guarantee your gun will be clean like a pro.

Even if you hate cleaning your gun, you’ll have to do it eventually. I can’t help you with that. But what I can do is share some tips that’ll help you clean the gun like a pro, even if it’s your first time.

Don’t break it, Disassemble the gun with precaution

First of all, to clean your gun, you’ll need to open it apart. But for an amateur, this is a tough job.

A professional would know how to disassemble it but an amateur who never did this before would simply try to break it apart. This is the first thing people do wrong.

Always have the user manual for your gun by your side. If you have lost yours, look for one on web, it’ll be there for sure. But if you are still unable to disassemble it, try watching it on YouTube. Once you got the idea on how to disassemble it, you can try yourself. Remember, don’t force it to open, if you have to apply force to open it, you are doing it wrong.

Before cleaning, make sure you are in the safe spot

“A man accidentally shot himself.” – this is not that type of news that surprises me. Actually, I’ve seen it many times. Even a friend of mine was stupid enough to do this to himself. Thankfully, it was just his toes. But there’s no guarantee that you’ll be lucky like him.

He thought his gun was unloaded but clearly, he was wrong. Maybe you’ll be wrong too. Who knows, you wouldn’t want to find out, would you?

That’s why I always suggest keeping the ammo at some place other than the one where you are cleaning your guns. Make sure you are in a safe place if you don’t want to spend months in flip-flops like my friend.

Cleaning tools & accessories should be near you

You’ll need a number of tools and accessories to properly clean your guns. From a clean towel to Q-tips for hard to reach places, you need to have them in the counter where you are cleaning the gun.

You can’t run around in your house every time you need something. So make a list of things you’ll need, especially if you are doing this for the first time. Then gather them around at once place before actually starting to clean.

Pick a well-ventilated spot

The fumes from the gun cleaners are not that pleasant. Even the best rated gun cleaning solvents have a weird smell that is not pleasant to your nose. That’s why ensure you are in a well-ventilated place.

Your garage will be a good spot if there is a wide open window. Otherwise, your backyard will be just fine.

Use the best rated gun cleaning solvents

Best results come from best products. You can’t expect a good cleansing with your regular detergent. You’ll need to invest in a good cleaning solvent for your gun.

Look for the best rated gun cleaning solvents from the market. Read the reviews also. See what others have to say about the products. You’ll find them helpful.

Use a gun cleaning mat

Pistols and guns, in general, have a lot of small parts, pieces, and springs. When you disassemble a gun, make sure you have a non-slip floor or carpet for the cleaning process. This way, the smaller parts, and pieces won’t go far from the place its drops.

Don’t rush, take enough time

Rushing is not an option in this case. You wouldn’t want to clean it every week or month. If you don’t clean the gun properly, you’ll have to do it several times and that’s not a good sign.

If you clean the gun properly by taking enough time, it will run smoothly.

Usually, I like to shoot targets very often and that’s why I clean mine every 600 rounds. You can clean after every 700 or 800 rounds but for that, you’ll have to ensure you clean it nice and good.

Take enough time to clean each part. Don’t rush. Usually, it takes half an hours for me to properly clean my pistol. But depending on your gun and your efficiency, it can change.

Don’t miss the magazines

When you clean your gun, clean everything. Often people leave the magazines and think they’ll clean it next time when he cleans the gun. But this is not a good idea.

Your magazines should be cleaned as frequently as the gun pipes. Never miss the magazines.

Keep your eyes safe from springs

Even though it might seem like over-protection to wear safety goggles, this silly pair of goggles can practically save your eyes.

Guns have a lot of springs in them and when you disassemble a gun, there’s a chance that one of them will pop right up your face and if you are unlucky, one will go straight to your eye. Not a pleasant scenario, right? That’s why keep the safety goggles on, especially if you are new with guns.

Use Q-tips for the tough to reach spots

There are some spots inside a gun where a regular brush or wipe won’t reach. But you can’t leave it uncleaned. In such situations where you can’t reach inside a certain hole or part of a gun, use a Q-tip.

A Q-tip will help you reach the tough spots and clean it from inside. You can also clean the gun barrel or pipe with that better than you’d go with a regular brush or wipe.

Wipe after cleaning

Keep a wipe around you. When you are done cleaning. Wipe each and each and every part with the clean towel. Afterward, let them dry for a while before assembling it.

Do trial function tests

Once you assemble the unit, don’t forget to check if it works or not. If not, then you haven’t assembled it properly.

You don’t need ammo to check. Simply pull the trigger to see if it works or not.

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