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Entrepreneurship: How To Use Crowdfunding For Your Business

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Crowdfunding is gradually becoming a very popular way to earn funds for startup businesses. It has proved to be quite a viable way to raise money for small businesses. With the predominance of social media nowadays it becomes very easy for entrepreneurs to tap into the internet’s power and achieve a considerably inexpensive way to cash their business ideas and bring them to life.

By registering on a crowdfunding platform entrepreneurs and business owners can set up a crowdfunding campaign and earn your money from interested backers. Considering future prospects, if your product or business is deemed potentially profitable, interested candidates will invest in your cause in exchange of company assets either in the form of rewards or equity. Now if you are wondering how to find these potential investors you can take a peek at Backer Database and take look at their extensive crowdfunding email list of investors.

Crowdfunding For Business – How To Raise Money

Though raising money through crowdfunding seems relatively easy, you need to understand the concept of using crowd funding for your business first. As mentioned earlier crowdfunding can either be reward-based or equity-based. Here we will see how to use reward based crowdfunding for your business venture.

How To Raise Funds Using Reward Based Crowdfunding

Even though reward based crowdfunding sounds very easy. All you need to do is create an account and post your funding needs and offer some rewards. But it is not as easy as it sounds. Getting people to donate to your cause needs careful strategized planning. Reward based crowdfunding is a more deemed to be a more profitable and suitable mode to raise funds for small businesses and a vast number of donors can invest in your campaign in exchange for rewards with your products success. This is how it is done.

Set Funding Goals: First of all decide how much money you wish to raise with your campaign. You make have to choose a carefully critiqued amount as most platforms out there won’t pay you a single dime if the goal is not met.

Plan Your Reward Strategy: Next thing you need to do is devise a rewarding strategy such that the investors are incentivized all the while you meet your campaign goal. You can distribute the incentives on multiple tiers based on smaller and larger donations.

Post Your Campaign: Now that you have devised your reward plan, the next step is to post your campaign on a crowdfunding platform of your choosing. Create a video for your campaign and publish it in the platform along with the rewards.

Go Social: You cannot single-mindedly depend on a crowdfunding platform to gain you donors. Take help of social media to reach a more vast potential audience to get success in crowdfunding.

Goal Accomplished, Time To Deliver Rewards: AS soon as your campaign goal is met you will receive your money. Start building up whatever it is that you planned and meanwhile keep in touch with your donors because it’s your reputation that’s on the line.


The bottom line is that crowdfunding is a very beneficial way of raising the venture capital for your business plans. The benefits are twofold you as a business owner not only get your business financed but you also get your word out about your products and services. With crowdfunding you don’t have to worry about time stamps of paying back the money or interest rates. Crowd funding platforms everyday are finding new and innovative ways to fund new startup projects and it is definitely a notable method of raising funds much like any other marketing campaigns,

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