For sensitive audiophiles, the sound quality coming out of most karaoke machines is not always up to the mark. Thereby, they end up connecting the sound output to an external system for more flexibility when it comes to controlling the sound output. Below, we will go through how to connect your karaoke system with a home theater.

Most karaoke machines are fitted with audio outputs that can be used to connect it with a home theater system. A home theater system’s surround sound system can amplify the vocalist and the accompanying music by a lot. A standard set of RCA-type stereo cables with 1/4th-inch plugs on each end can be used to connect the karaoke machine to the surround sound system in less than a minute.

You do not have to a techie to do this. However, although the sound will be heard on all the connected speaker system, it will not give out the multi-channel surround sound unless the source audio for the karaoke machine is recorded in the same way.

What is a home theater system and a karaoke system?

A home theater system is basically an audio and video equipment setup for home use. It emulates a movie theater experience. If the home theater system is good, it may provide a greater impressive experience than most small multiplex movie screens today.

A karaoke machine is an appliance that allows amateur singers to read the lyrics on a television screen while the instrumental music is being played in the background. You can easily spot a karaoke machine at public restaurants, clubs and pubs. You can choose your own selection of songs as well.

What do you need?

1. Karaoke machine

While there are many different types of karaoke machines, the two most primary ones are those with inbuilt speakers and those with none.

Karaoke machines with no speakers have songs included in them and can be loaded through CD+G discs, cartridges, or USB. They are designed to be connected to an external sound system like a home theater system.

On the other hand, some karaoke machines have inbuilt speakers and are quite a trend nowadays, mainly because it is already a complete system. Not all of these systems are fitted with an audio-out unit, which allows the karaoke machine to hook up to a home theater system.

2. Home theater system

Almost all home theater systems are built to receive audio from other sources. You will need a free and available audio input to accommodate your karaoke because it will quite a task to repeatedly unplug the in-audio from your gaming console or television set each time you want to sing karaoke.

Today, most karaoke machines are fitted with PA speakers for a great sound quality. Hooking them up to a home theater system will make your music and voice sound a lot better.

3. RCA cables

RCA cables are standard in-audio and out-audio cables. It sometimes comes with a yellow plug for the video. If you do not get these cables when you purchase your karaoke machine, you can purchase these separately via online shopping sites. You need to make sure the cord is of appropriate length.

Steps on connecting your karaoke machine to your theater system

1. Take necessary safety precautions

Before attempting to connect your karaoke machine with your home theater system, make sure everything is switched off. Also, switch off your home theater system and unplug everything. When working with electronics, personal safety should be your first priority.

After you make sure everything is switched off and unplugged, you can continue with the rest of the steps.

2. Begin connecting the karaoke machine to the television set

Start by unpacking the karaoke machine and separate video and audio patch cords included in the package. In normal cases, these cords are coded by color, with the yellow cord representing audio and the white and red cords representing the video.

Once you find these wires, you just have to connect the right cord to its corresponding port on both these devices. Place the matching cords into the video and audio plug-ins at the back of your home theater system (television) and the karaoke machine. For newer TV sets, these ports are likely to be situated on the right side of the appliance. In most cases, the plug-in ports are also color-coded so that you do not have any problem connecting the right cords.

If you follow the color codes in the correct way, everything should work properly and in order. You will be able to hear the sound through clearly and the lyrics will be displayed on the display of your home theater system. If you face some problems in either one of these areas, it is most probably because you have attached the cords in a wrong order or improperly.

1. Finishing touches

After making the correct corrections, you are almost done. All you need to do is plug in your microphone in the karaoke machine’s in-plug port, which can be found usually at the back of the machine. Now, plug in your home theater system and sing your heart out.

A professional karaoke setup

A great and professional karaoke system can be set up easily nowadays. But, if you are planning for a big party or make it your business, you might first want to consult a sound engineer. The above setup steps are appropriate for home use.

The basic need of this setup is to have the lyrics flashing on your TV screen, vocals on the PA system and the backing music through the home theater speakers. On the other hand, if you plan to host a party, connecting your laptop to the karaoke system can brighten up the ambiance as well; all you need are some flashing lights and you are ready to host one of the most memorable karaoke parties of your life.

The best karaoke machine for home is the wisest choice for music lovers at your place. You will be able to enjoy the high-quality sound with the amazing home theater connection.

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