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The ill-effects of smoking are known to everyone from eight to eighty. The internet is flooded with various blogs, studies, and researches listing out the health detriments. Many of the individuals who are addicted to smoking try to get rid of this habit. However, just like any other addiction leaving this habit can be quite hard. As an alternative, many have sought solace to vaping.

How smoking is different from vaping?

As the names suggest, smoking deals with the smoke released from burning tobacco and vaping deals with the vapors generated from a flavored liquid by heating it electronically. However, in both cases, the user inhales the smoke or vapor as applicable to the process involved.

Another primary difference between these processes is the use of equipment. While the equipment for smoking is quite straightforward consisting of cigarette sticks that can be lit from one end, the one for vaping is a bit complex.

The tool used for vaping is known as an e-cigarette or electronic cigarette and has many different parts for it to function, viz. an atomizer used to vaporize the liquid, a battery for generating power, and a tank to contain the e-liquid, which you can easily get at

The modern e-cigarette has gained popularity since 2003 after a Chinese pharmacist by the name of Hon Lik formally invented it. However, nicotine aerosol dispensers in one form or another have been making rounds in the market since the early 1960s as sponsored by various tobacco companies. China holds the crown of the largest producer of e-cigarettes in the modern-day.


Vaping: An alternative

Vaping is a good alternative to smoking and has been proven well. Various studies and surveys imply that the aerosol in vaping is far better for health when compared to its smoking counterpart. It is because the fuel or the e-liquid can be customized to limit the nicotine levels, which cannot be done for cigarettes.

Apart from customization of the nicotine content on a person-to-person basis, various countries have also set a defined content for these e-liquids thereby maintaining the health quotient for vaping. Another important factor that makes vaping a better alternative to smoking is e-liquid content. E-liquid can have various other ingredients apart from nicotine whose vapors might be beneficial to health.

Another aspect that maintains vaping to be a good alternative is its help in quitting smoking.

Controlling the nicotine levels in the e-liquid gives a better way of quitting slowly without any major hardships as compared to directly leaving the habit of smoking. Thus, e-cigarettes seem to be the friend one needs in the path of quitting nicotine.

Vaping also has its downsides. Many articles are published online stating the same. One must be careful while choosing the e-liquid or fuel. The composition of this liquid is the main factor that determines if vaping is good or bad. If the contents were relatively harmless then vaping would not have any bad effects on one’s health.




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