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Lifestyle: The Best Fitness Apps To Look For In 2017


March 16, 2017

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By Carla Adams

If you haven’t been able to reach your fitness goals even after doing all you can then you might be stuck in a fitness rut. Your exercises may have become repetitive causing your muscle growth to be stationary or your calorie intake may be limiting your mass gain.

Whatever the reason might be, one of the things you can do to pump up your fitness regime is to try some kickass apps that will put you on the right path to your fitness goals.

A recent study established that fitness app users were more active than non-users and had a lower body mass index. The authors of the study claimed that apps aided people in better understanding and organization that led to improved exercise habits amongst them. Over time these habits translated into transformative changes.

Regardless of being dedicated to our health and fitness, we value our phone’s storage space so we only want the best of the apps that will really yield results. We are seeing some great apps that have a lot of potential to unlock the strength, flexibility, and growth that we desire.

1. My Fitness Pal: Ranked as one of the best apps in the industry, my fitness pal comes with an easy to use step and calorie counter. The app boasts a database of more than 5 million foods, a nutrition scanner using barcode and a recipe importer. The apps gives its users the ease to track their food intake and calories regularly with great efficiency. Available for users of Android and iOS for free.

2. Map my fitness: Free for both Android and iOS audiences, Map my fitness has more than 600 fitness activities and it’s sync-able with over 400 devices giving its users a full understanding of their performance. App users can search about running routes near to them as well. The app saves data on pace, distance and calorie details for its location-based workouts which can then be used to set new personal goals.

Map my fitness community can further help people reach their goals by setting up challenges with friends to stay motivated. The app is also compatible with Apple watch and Android wear. There is a premium version as well that allows monitoring the rate of different heart zones.

3. Yonder: This free iOS and android app is a gem for travel and fitness lovers. Yonder allows users to find and share excursions based on your location and your interests. With their many categories ranging from biking to skiing, “Yonderers” can explore endless options and read reviews from other users about it before choosing the best one for them.

The app exists to inspire users to engage with nature and acts as a social platform where users can share experiences and photos.

4. Sworkit: Sworkit stands for ‘simply work it,’ and with 13 million users, this app is one of the most popular ones. It offers more than 200 different types of exercises demonstrated by professional trainers and it also has a specialized app just for kids. Users can follow standard workouts or create customized ones for themselves by choosing the length, the body area in focus, and other special needs or limitations.

The app smartly mixes up interval training along with other random exercises to make the most of every workout and inhibits the body from getting used to a certain routine.

5. Apptiv: For $10 a month Apptiv provides you audio-based personal fitness coaching services according to your demands and location. Through this app you can receive coaching on your trail runs outdoors or at your home yoga session. The trainers motivate you to keep up and going while relevant music lets you have fun as you sweat it out. The customized coaching ability sets this app apart from its competitors.

Apptiv is available for both android and iOS users.

6. ActiveX: ActiveX gives its users customized Tabata workouts, a special high-intensity training discovered by Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata. These workouts help increase strength, improve flexibility, and build muscle. Users can create packs or join them where they can communicate, organize group trainings and celebrate victories with pack members. The workouts are adjusted to the location of the users and to the equipment that they have.

They also have activities to keeps the kids engrossed.

7. Headspace: Free for android and iOS, Headspace helps users with a cluttered mind and lots of noise with finding some peace. Famous celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, moguls like Richard Branson and many great athletic stars use the app, along with 10 million other people. To start off, the free program introduces 10-minute meditations for ten days while the next level of meditations and mindful exercises can be unlocked through a subscription.

Apps are not just fun to use, they are also a great way to add new and interesting elements to your daily exercise routine so that you can reach your fitness goals faster! If there are any apps that you think you would like to share with us, feel free to leave a comment below!

Author Bio: Carla Adams is an enthusiastic dreamer and a workaholic to achieve that. She is a blogger, writer, basketball player, technology and fashion freak. For all the updates follow her on Facebook.

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One thought on “Lifestyle: The Best Fitness Apps To Look For In 2017

  1. Nice List! But the problem with most of these apps (at least the nutrition tracker ones) is that they are not very good with homemade stuff. mostly pulling numbers out of a database somewhere. Check out Calorious (https://calorio.us). It’s the only app that has worked for my mom. They use community estimation so you get to learn about calorie counts in food items as you use the app.

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